Since Feb 27, 2009

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Retired USN CPO. Why I am a Conservative? Because my mother always said to me: your rights stop where all others’ begin. Because she had a put up with an abusive husband but stayed married because she believed in the sanctity of marriage. Because even after my father died and left us with nothing, she refused to go on welfare, and went back to work. Because she never, ever complained even when the only warm food we could have sometimes was a “grilled cheese” sandwich warmed up with the same iron she pressed my school uniform with. It was either that, or Chef-boy-r-dee. Never once, I heard her say: The government owns me food, shelter, or a paycheck. She always said: work hard and dream big. I joined the Navy at 17 and traveled enough to see that Americans have it so good and so easy compared to the rest of the world, but still complain.
I sacrificed blood, sweat and tears for 20 years in the military to serve this country, pledge allegiance to the Flag; I would die for my country!