Since Oct 23, 2007

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I’ve always been very proud of our military. It seems most of my family has in one way or the other been involved:
FATHER- Army Korea
Ex-Husband - Army Desert Storm
HUSBAND - Marines 8th Engineers Vietnam Era
BROTHER-IN-LAW - Army Vietnam 1st Air Cav Pathfinders (100% disabled military connected)
NEPHEW - Army Special Forces Iraq
SON - Marines Deployed to Afghanistan.
It wasn’t until my son joined the Marines that I realized how passionate I could be about something. Yes it scares me what COULD happen to him but I also know this was his choice and his belief that one cannot fully appreciate his country unless he has to defend it... incredible coming from the mouth of a 18 yr old. So I will pray for his safety and believe that the Marines have taught my son well. And should God see fit not to return him to me then I will live the rest of my life knowing that my son died leaving behind one hell of a legacy - he is and forever will be a United States Marine.