Since May 2, 2005

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A long, long time ago, I was an official unofficial amateur cartoonist on FR. The archives of all my FReeptoons are at the bottom of the profile page here.

The (Retired) FReeptoons ping list:

Goodgirlinred; Army Air Corps; scott7278; LucyT; TheresaKett; Rca2000; Nowhere Man; Irish_Thatcherite; phatoldphart; pookie18; TrueKnightGalahad; PaulaB; misty4jc; A message; synbad600; The Phantom FReeper; Maximus_Ridiculousness; Rocky; Bethbg79; Hoodlum91; areafiftyone; 4CJ; Dark Skies; DollyCali; Victoria Delsoul; Fred Nerks; DHak; Echo Talon; infidel29; rdb3; Fierce Allegiance; Jemian; caryatid; Monkey Face; wildcatf4f3; MsMoose; Severa; phantomworker; proud_yank; AmericaUnite; ottersnot; RockinRight; shezza; PROSOUTH; A knight without armor; Bigtom85; Solamente; Al Simmons; Supernatural; rzeznikj at stout; SFC Chromey; txroadkill; politicket; Hildy; my_pointy_head_is_sharp; phoenix0468; kattracks; JJR RNCH

The Cryptozoology Ping List:

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