Since Oct 30, 2007

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Hello. For all of you who know of him; Doomonyou (major freeper) is my dad.

I have a lot to say I suppose; probably because I repress it to an extent because I live in...well, an EXTREMELY liberal place; whereas I am not liberal. More the opposite. More like, EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE. I voice my opinions when appropriate; but I’ve learned to pick my battles because let’s face it, everyone; there’s a reason why Democrats and Liberals have the symbol of a donkey; and I’m sure we all know why.

I’m going to college in the fall (woot woot!) and will be majoring in Administration of Justice. I hope to one day (preferably within the next ten years =] ) work for the FBI as a field agent. I’ve done my homework and well, God has been pretty clear about where he wants me to go. I’m carving my own path; it’s just on his road.

I’m just a kid, but I’ve got my aspirations; and as cliched as it sounds, I want to change the world.

Thoughts. From me. :)