Since Jun 13, 2003

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Iranian People & USA -- United We stand against Terror Governments!

- Although coming from a non-English speaking country, 84% of Iranian-Americans speak fluent English.
-Median family income is $55,501 (substantially above the national average of $35,492) and per capita income is $18,040.
- 46% have a bachelors degree or higher, which ranks the group not only higher than any other recently-arrived immigrant group, but also higher than natives in terms of educational achievement.
- This high academic achievement has undoubtedly contributed to the high occupational and financial accomplishment of Iranians as well. 43% of Iranians are in professional and managerial positions, 35% in technical and administrative, 10% are in various services and the balance are spread over farming, craft and laborers. -
48% of the Iranian-American community are dual income earners and 22% own their own businesses.
-92% of Iranians have a mortgage.