Since Nov 3, 2000

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My wife and I live in the Central Florida area. I am a Broadcast Engineer at a local network affiliate, my wife is an Administrative Assistant for a book publishing company. Outside of our jobs, we own and operate our own Internet Marketing business - JPR Marketing Group (

We are Catholic Christians both involved with our church. We believe in strong family values. We believe in personal responsibility and accountability. This is something that seems to have gotten lost over the 8 years of the Clinton administration. We believe it is up to the parents of this country to keep their children on the straight road - to provide a loving home for them. We have no children yet, but are hoping that we will be blessed soon. We are looking forward to the joys and the challenges that parenthood would bring.

I discovered the Free Republic in early November 2000 (just before the elections) when a friend of mine suggest that I check out the Alamo-Girl site (turns out we both were fed up with the Clinton Administration). From there I backtracked into the Free Republic. I really enjoy reading and dialoging with like-minded conservatives. It really helped through the election debacle.