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2nd: The founders meant what they wrote about arms

Advice On How To Avoid Identity Theft

Air trends 'amplifying' warming (Oh crap...cleaner air causes global warming)

AOL Retention Manual Revealed

Better Off Deadbeat: ... Simple Solution for Getting Bill Collectors Off His Back. He Sues Them.

Brownells AR-15 Builder

District of Columbia v. Heller (2nd Amendment Argument from today)

Do you know how to use these tools?

EXCERPTS: Charlie Gibson Interviews Sarah Palin (September 11, 2008) [Look at the editing]

Face-off over converted garage could land woman, 83, in jail[Illegally converted garage][CA]

Fast phone connection to your senator's office

Five Years in Iraq (Shameless Vanity)

Free land in the heartland

Government Land Map???

Gun Facts: Heller media brief now available

Home gardening offers ways to trim grocery costs [Survival Today, an on going thread]

How Government Killed the Medical Profession

How To Defend Against IE's VML Bug

Is it time to create a new United States? If so, how?

Is There a Way to Have One's Address Removed From Google Maps?

John Coleman's (Weather Channel Founder) Comments Before the San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Last Minute shopping ideas.

Maker of .50-Caliber Rifle Warns Legislators Are 'Nibbling' Away Gun Rights

Mr_Magoo's Wake Up Call

New Questions on Treating Cholesterol

ORT (FReeper survival thread)

Police Have No Duty To Protect Individuals

Popular Mechanics Takes on Katrina Myths (good read!)

Prayer Request

Prayer Request for Beloved Freeper Mr_Magoo

Prayer Request for Petruchio

Proper Lubrication of Your Pistol and Revolver

Researchers: What are your favorite research sites?

Revelations of Heaven & Hell to 7 (Columbian) Youths [OPEN]

September 11 TV Archive (Free Streaming Video of TV Sources on 9/ it happened)

Some things just happen.....

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

The Five Stages of Collapse

The Night Watchman

The Possible Mastermind of a Police State in America

The Second Amendment and Commas (Repost- Revised)

The Ultimate Sidebar Management Thread

Treat Them to a Good Dose of Lead (Why the 'Wild West' was not what Liberals claim-my title)

Twenty-Two Reasons To Vote Against Obama

Vanity-Goodbye Mr_Magoo

Vanity: Whole house fans to save power costs for cooling homes

WEB RESOURCES FOR FReepers: Amazing lists of useful links

What Is The Best 12 Gauge Shotgun Load for Home Defense?

What Is The Best 12 Gauge Shotgun Load for Home Defense?

What Really Happens In A Gunfight?