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*Please* Use Extreme Caution In Messing With the Speed of Light -- Perils of CDK

3 Teamsters are Sentenced for Roughing Up Protester

A Clue on Dark Matter: Dozens of Dead Stars Detected in Milky Way

A Critique of Objectivist Metaphysics (THREAD THREE)

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....10-09-02

A vast cavern is the stage for tests to find the "God particle"

Adams V. Teamsters, Rendell, Et Al (Did Rendell commit perjury and obstruct justice?)

After Action Report: Bush/Cheney Rally in Olde City Philadelphia, 12/2/2000

After Action Report: FR Philadelphia Chapter Protests Clinton and Rendell

After Action Report: Today's Rally for PRESIDENT ELECT BUSH in Media, PA

After Action Report: Today's Rally in West Chester, PA (and Tomorrow's Rally in Media)

Anti-Clinton Protesters Lose in Suit Against Rendell (MAJOR DON ADAMS UPDATE)

Breaking:NSA Cold Busted On Free Republic!

Can A 'Distant' Quasar Lie Within A Nearby Galaxy?

CD-Recordable discs unreadable in less than two years

Clinton Freeped in Philly: FR Philadelphia Gets By With A Little Help From Its Friends

Complete collapse of North Atlantic fishing predicted

Court KOs Activist in Fight with Morris [DON ADAMS UPDATE]

Court Likely Ends Suit Over Beating at Rally (DON ADAMS UPDATE)

Deriving Dimensions: Emergence of a 4D World From Causal Quantum Gravity

DON ADAMS PRESS RELEASE: Criminal Complaint Against Teamster Leader John Morris Dropped

Don Adams Update: Beating Victims Must Pay Teamster Thugs $15 Grand

DON ADAMS UPDATE: Teamster Beating Victims Appeal Judge’s Order To Pay Union $15 Grand

Don Adams Update: Teamsters File Motion to Recover $62,673.46 in Fees and Costs

DON ADAMS UPDATE: Third Circuit Asked to Recuse Itself in Suit Against Rendell

DON ADAMS UPDATE: Urgent Help Needed on Appeal


Eagles Up! CLINTON IN PHILLY TODAY, Two Locations

Eagles Up: Philadelphia Area Rally for Pres. Elect BUSH, Friday, 11/24, 12:00 noon

Evolution Is In Trouble: What Should Conservatives Do About it?

First light: astronomers use distant quasar to probe cosmic 'dark age,' universe origins

Ghostly particle mystery 'solved'

Goodbye "Regular Joe" Democrat

Gravity waves analysis opens 'completely new sense'

Gravity's quantum leaps detected

Hating America (Long Read-but worthwhile)

Historical Evidence Refuting a 6,000-Year Old Earth

How Unique Is Our Cosmic Patch? [Cosmology, Anthropic Principle]

Human Cloning a Reminder of Nazis, Says Orthodox

IBM Helps University on Cancer Research Computer

Light fantastic (14 billion year old light imaged)

Looking for Madam Tetrachromat

Looters Ransack Baghdad's Antiquities Museum

More Problems for Evolution: RNA World Theory Doesn't Hold Up

My Affadavit For The Don Adams Civil Case

My life has never been the same since I found (What about yours?)

My Subpoena From Teamsters Local 115 (Don Adams Case)

Mystery force tugs distant probes

NASA Relies On Thrusters To Steer Space Station After Malfunction

New particle turns up in Japan

New Theories Dispute the Existence of Black Holes

New Theory on Big Bang

New Theory Suggests Start of Universe

No thing goes faster than light

Origin Of Bipedalism Closely Tied To Environmental Changes

Our Biotech Future

Philadelphia Freepdom: A Wet, Lonely Protest (After Action Report)

Philadelphia Freepdom: Bill and Ted's Bogus Whistle Stop

Philadelphia Freepdom: Clinton Addresses the Apparatchiks Union (After Action Report)

Philadelphia Freepdom: Clinton Freeped on 25th Anniversary

Philadelphia Freepdom: Clinton's "Klink" is the Sound of Money in Philly (After Action Report)

Physicists Announce Possible Violation of Standard Model of Particle Physics

Physicists Say Can Find No Sign of 'God Particle'

Physics looks for new Einstein as nature rewrites laws of universe

Rendell's Testimony: He Would Consider Lying Under Oath

Retail Sales up by the highest in six years

Scientists Transfer Info Between Atoms (Star Trek Teleportation is REAL!)

Spewed on the Night of November 5 '02 (Democratic Underground)

Starlight and Time

Summary of the DON ADAMS Decision, U.S. 3rd Circuit Court

Supercomputer May Unlock Secrets of Universe

Teamster Trio To Be Sentenced Today For Beating Clinton Protesters

Teamsters Sentenced to Probation in Adams Beating Case

The absurd notion that there is no God

The American Colonist's Library--A Treasury of Primary Documents

The Big Bang and the Big Question -- A Universe Without God?

The Gradual Illumination of the Mind [Evolution]

The Source of Rights

Three More Teamsters Slated to Stand Trial For Beating Clinton Protestors

Time Magazine Distorts new Scientific Discovery about the End of the Universe

Two Americans, Japanese Win Nobel Physics Prize

U.S.: We didn't anticipate looting

Vanity: Physicist and Mrs. Physicist Had a Son Today

Why the Big Bang is Wrong