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"pacifists are the parasites of freedom" quote thread

"Report: Poverty hits 20-year low, Incomes continue to rise"

"the first Freeper Cookbook.--What a gem that would be!!" #3b..ha!

'But he hates Jews'


A day in the life of President Bush (photos): 5/1/03

A Democratic Primer on "The Moral Thing"

A Dieter's Dilemma (Atkin's diet)

A new modest proposal: Harvesting embryonic children for their stem cells

America: A Nation Apart (We're #1! We're #1!)

Are Bumper Stickers Going the Way of Sandwich Boards?

Basic html formatting

Bush's Secularist Triumph

Busybodies pestering Boy Scouts should get a life

Caption Sleeping Doofus

Catholics and the cult of fun

Death Penalty vs. The Right to life

Famous Quotes

Flew's Flawed Science - [critique of Antony Flew's 'conversion']

George and Laura - A 25th Anniversary Tribute


How To Ace An Intervention

How to delete Free Republic bookmarks

HTML Bootcamp

I died because I'm poor.

If You Suspect You Might Have A Drinking Problem (An Open Letter)

Katrina: A Point by Point Refutation of the Left's Talking Points (Vanity)

Kill DARE NOW!!!!It's costly. It doesn't work. It can't reform

LowCarb is the real *SKINNY BEHIND* a world wide shrink.

Mark Steyn: Go forth and multiply

Muslims Ask Dr. Laura to Apologize for 'Tirade'

My favorite quotes

New Microsoft Office Enhancements

OPEN LETTER TO THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA: We are NOT Amateurs and we are going to kick your butts.

Oregon unborn victims bill loses Catholic Church backing over death penalty

Our Pilgrim Forefathers And The Making Of Americans (Don Feder Alert)

Pop up ads

post containing audio excerpts from Christmas Vacation (kiss my ass; tirade)

Post your reply to my liberal friends question....

Post Your Special Thanksgiving Recipes!

Question about Global Warming

Renowned Scientist Defects From Belief in Global Warming Caps Year of Vindication for Skeptics.

Silencing Honor (Swiftboat Vets/Stolen Honor)

Some Reach Out to Help Claiborne

Student teaches American history teacher about American history

Survival speak: Hal Lindsey warns media's political correctness endangering U.S.

The 2000 Election: Where's the Disenfranchisement?

The Bull Dyke's Petard

The Devil You Say

The press and the terrorists: Joseph Farah slams Reuters for hypocrisy, journalistic extremism

The sisters they ignore (hatred of the U.S. prevents feminists from condemning Islamic atrocities)

The Truth about the Crusades: Historian reviews of "Kingdom of Heaven"

This dog's life

TWA FLIGHT 800 is the topic of Nelson DeMille's new novel.

Unforgettable Threads

Vanity! Sorry. Looking for reports on D.A.R.E that show it is ineffective

What are your favorite books? (Vanity)

Who Would YOU Send to Get Bin Laden (vanity): Thread 2

Who Would YOU Send to Get Bin Laden?

Why "Debt Forgiveness" is a Bad Idea: Punishing Producers and Rewarding Moochers and Looters

Why do they hate America? (Excellent essay!)