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Since May 20, 2011

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I am retired from the U.S. Army/Army Reserve with 27 years service (20 years active duty). I am a single custodial father and have my own blog. See my home page. http://www.americatooyoungtodie.com/

Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new revolution.” I am convinced that this revolution begins with education. Educating not just others but also better educating ourselves to the U.S. Constitution from the perspective of our heaven inspired Founding Fathers. Through careful study of the ACCURATE American history, the Declaration of Independence, the constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. we can be better equipped to enlighten others. The 5000 Year Leap (30th Anniversary Edition), The Law, The Naked Communist etc. are great books to helps us better understand our great country.

Unfortunately, too many of our fellow revolutionaries are going about bashing liberals and moderates. Making demeaning and belittling statements and launching caustic attacks on others who “don’t understand” including President Obama. I am in vehement opposition to his policies and views on government as most all of us here are. Yet we can not win people to our side with caustic rhetoric. If we are to win this “new revolution” as Jefferson calls it we must win the hearts and minds of our countrymen and we won’t do it with caustic attacks. God Bless America!