Since Sep 10, 2004

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These talking points are designed for a 15-minute speech. We suggest the use of specific examples on how people will be affected by the FairTax to better illustrate its value.

Imagine a tax system that:

How? This tax system is the most researched, and we think you'll agree, the best tax reform plan -- it's called the FairTaxSM.

The Problem is the Current Income Tax Code
A. The current tax code is unfair, costly, and unreasonably confusing.

B. The current income tax code unfairly hampers personal financial opportunity.

C. The current income tax code tax is grossly unfair to all wage-earning Americans.

D. The current tax system allows for massive loopholes encouraging politicians and lobbyists to pick winners and losers.
The Solution is the FairTax
The FairTax is fair to all Americans and simple to understand. Under the FairTax, all wage earners will keep 100% of their paychecks, prices will drop dramatically, and Social Security and Medicare funding will be more secure.
The FairTax frees up financial opportunity by restoring choice in spending, encouraging savings and investment, and dramatically reducing tax evasion. With the elimination of virtually all compliance costs, $225 billion will be restored to the economy. The FairTax offers an unprecedented opportunity for lower and middle-income wage earners to get ahead, to save to buy a house, to educate themselves and their children, and to save for a dignified retirement. And under the FairTax, all Americans, regardless of their income level, will be better off with the FairTax.

The solution we propose involves two actions:

We Can Win!

Bringing the FairTax to a vote only requires 31 members of Congress! If eleven members of the Senate Finance Committee and twenty members of the Ways and Means Committee support the FairTax, they can bring the FairTax Bill out of their respective committees and onto the floor of both the House and the Senate. At that point, it would be the leadership's decision to go to a full vote by the entire membership. It can be done, and we are well on our way there.
Polling shows that the American people understand and favor fundamental reform such as a federal consumption tax. The national groundswell of support is growing in leaps and bounds. Thousands of Americans are expressing their support for the FairTax through phone calls, e-mails, letters, and faxes. FairTax Volunteers are growing by the hundreds. The possibility of bringing about peaceful change is one of the great strengths of the American system. It is obvious that the FairTax is a reasonable solution whose time has come.
Let me repeat the tremendous benefits of the FairTax plan. The FairTax plan:

As Americans come to understand that the FairTax will close tax loopholes and make everyone pay their fair share of taxes, it will be passed into law. Fully 85% of Americans informed about the FairTax are likely to support the tax change that makes the closing of these loopholes a reality. And the FairTax offers not only this, but many other benefits:

Concluding Remarks

It is time for the FairTax. For nearly 100 years, we have carried the burden of an oppressive and counterproductive tax system which has punished work and achievement, savings, and investment. The current tax code has been grossly manipulated to reward elite political interests, and it hurts the average American. The current tax code has hidden the true cost of government from the very taxpayers who pay for it.
Americans are not obligated to accept a tax system that penalizes the average working American while giving special consideration to those who buy favors and perks in Washington, D.C. To be competitive in the next century, and to renew the American dream, we must change the way we fund our national government. It is time for the FairTax.
The FairTax will allow Americans to keep 100% of their paychecks, dramatically reduce prices, protect and ensure funding of Social Security and Medicare, empower low-income taxpayers, and put choice and control back into the hands of all Americans. All the crucial elements are in place: a public, eager and ready for a tax system that is fair, and a Congress seriously willing to consider genuine tax reform. It only takes thirty-one Congressmen, and we will win.