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'Indisputable proof' of Obama forgery to be released


Barack Obama Was A Foreign Student – American Media Threatened Into Silence

Bombshell: FOX Reporter Told Sheriff Joe They're Not Allowed To Report Obama Identity Fraud

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Income Tax vs National Retail Sales Tax - You be the judge

Is Algebra Necessary?

Judge Roger Vinson issues stay of own ruling [updated at link]

Kansas SOC response to Eric Holder

MAKING BOEHNER'S BONES ( Obamacare repealed this Year?)

Research Study Wives Tell Why They Lose Interest In Sex With Their Husbands

Senate GOP says Dems ignoring meeting requests (1974 Social Security Law jeopordizes entire bill)

Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill

Supreme Court could rule on healthcare law early next year

The names of the 8 Republican traitors who voted for cap-'n'-tax

The Power to Tax ... and Revolt

The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010 [Michelle Malkin documents hate]

Time to Act on the Lessons of History (Tax Reform)

WWII Vet passes - vanity