Since Feb 11, 2003

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As far as my posting pattern goes, I'll generally jump into threads where I find my positions going against the grain a bit. Therefore, you probably won't see me much on abortion threads, or gun threads, or immigration threads. That's like preaching to the choir.

Where you will find me is mainly in the Drug War threads (I am anti-WoD, so that must make me a pothead according to some), or Crevo threads (the ID movement is being used to lump together and ridicule conservatives, and it's the one of the worst things to happen to conservatism), or threads about energy (I feel we need to invest more in renewable energy, even if it costs more than burning coal or oil). I find it much more fun to be sort of a "devel's advocate" of sorts, where I at least bring a different viewpoint to the table. I also feel that my viewpoints are conservative viewpoints, which is why I like to discuss them here.