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Since Mar 22, 2005

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Live in Palo Alto. Got my Ph.D. from Stanford in Electrical Engineering. Love the founding fathers and their intent for this country. We have deviated far from it-—high taxes, over-regulation,illegal immigration with no pretense of assimilation etc. We live in what Sam Francis called an “anarcho-tyranny”. Its a tyranny for all the law abiding among us and an anarchy where the govt. is non existent for the hordes of law breakers.

Throughout the 19th century and early 20th century, descendants of the sturdy settlers and pioneers who built the United States worried that European countries were dumping their criminals, wastrels, and mentally and physically ill on these shores. Now the same thing is a cause for celebration, as long as they are not European. (The concern was real because in earlier times, as now, the foreign-born were over-represented in prisons, poor relief, and charity hospitals.)—Clyde Wilson.

People who are ignorant of and indifferent to their background (and those who misrepresent it for present-time advantage) are barbarians—that is, people without a civilized culture. Our leaders view American society as a commercial enterprise in which profit and consumption are the only values. After all, a customer is a customer and yesterday is just a past opportunity for sales. Who worries about where the customer comes from?

As a society we have lost sight of the truth that economic abundance is not a self-perpetuating technical trick but rests ultimately on mental and moral qualities. Mental and moral virtues are declining in power and the evidence is already there of the loss of prosperity that necessarily follows. But a society without ancestors (bastards?) is not the worst of the American decline. The worst is a lost future. Our forebears felled forests, planted trees, built houses, fought wars in the consciousness that the benefits would accrue to their descendants more than to themselves. A people who took any thought to the welfare of their grandchildren, much less future generations of their own blood, could not possibly tolerate the ongoing destruction of our human environment by politicians and plutocrats. Burke defined civilization as the awareness of the interconnection of past, present, and future. Conservatism was the preservation of the essence of civilization amidst the inevitable flux and chaos of existence. But I can’t worry about that right now. I have to watch Oprah and then go to the mall. Only in America." ---Clyde Wilson


In communist countries, where political correctness was invented, people conformed, but did so cynically. In America people stand in line to volunteer for eradication of their honesty and common sense.


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Create your own visited map of The United States or another interesting project A list of things that I think defines a true conservative, gleaned from my limited reading of history and observations over the years. What do you want to conserve for your children? 1. A secure border and immigration system that does not reward lawbreakers with citizenship. An immigration system that can cherry pick the best prospective citizens. 2. A school system that produces an aristocracy of talent and virtue, Jefferson envisioned it as the only plausible alternative to a hereditary aristocracy. Can we teach the kids to critically analyze every perspective and come to conclusions that are not anarchist? 3. Differentiate a conservative instinct from an acquisitive instinct. What does it tell us the folks who provided the best checks on government were never republicans but old school southern democrats? Does providing tax breaks for an ever growing Plutarchy really amount to conservatism? Was Jefferson wrong in being fearful that the biggest danger to a republican government was from a large concentration of wealth in few hands?