Since Nov 23, 2008

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I’m Patrick Adams, a Reagan conservative from Virginia. You can Email me at

I was in high school when Ronald Reagan was elected president. I was in college when he ran for re-election, which is the first time I ever voted. I got a dual B.A. degree in literature and political science. I became interested in conservatism during my college years and have supported conservative candidates ever since.

I like watching sports. My favorite teams are the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Islanders and Notre Dame.

I’m a NASCAR fan also. Rusty Wallace was my driver. I still root on Team Penske. But since Wallace’s retirement, I’ve been “wandering in the wilderness” driverless. I always wonder if that’s another void in life that could be filled by a Palin. What do you think about putting Todd in the 2 car?

I also love good old fashioned hard rock and roll. I listen to Led Zeppelin, The Who, AC/DC, Yes, Asia, The Beatles, Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Styx and Kiss. I grew up listening to Kiss. My best friend from New York and I perfected the art of “taking a Kiss hairy,” which included the use of tennis rackets as “air guitars.” Now that John Entwistle has passed, I was thinking maybe Mike Huckabee could play bass for The Who.

Ever since listening to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album and reading T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Waste Land” when I was in high school, I have loved to write. I originally wanted to become a writer, but my career path went in a different direction. I ended up in finance, accounting and collections. But, I have really gotten back into writing again on the side. I am open to offers from anyone who finds my writing worthy. So email me if you think I’m good enough to do something professionally for your organization. Noone says all one’s dreams can’t be achieved.

I am also an entrepreneur. While I have always made an okay living at my regular job working for someone else, I continue to work toward my dream of building a successful financial business. I see the intrusive role of government in both my personal life and business life. And I continue to resist its rampant growth by supporting candidates that agree with the Reagan philosophy of smaller government and lower taxes. The desire to be successful in business is not so I can have mansions, yachts and fancy cars. It’s so that I can have a voice in advancing positive causes and the means to protect myself from the slings and arrows of man caused misfortune, including misfortunes caused by government’s inability to promote an environment of common good and its reluctance to remove itself from micro-managing in areas where it only causes more harm than good. It’s not a matter of greed for me.

My great grandfather came to this country to find opportunity. This began my family’s generational approach toward success. My grandfather attempted to open a candy business which would employ handicapped people, but was cut short by bad health. The torch was then passed to my father, a blue collar worker who saw his place as a bridge to our family’s future by investing in our home, working hard and using the money from the home to make me the first generation of college graduates. As the trend continues, my son will be better than me and so on and so on.