Reaper FReeper
Since Feb 19, 2006

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Hiya, FReepers!

I'm a second generation FReeper. I'm sure you all know my mom, Marie. (And everything she's said about me is *all* lies!)

I'm a homeschool Goth who lives TEXAS. I like volleyball, art, and music. I'm a pro-life rocker who supports the troops and I spend my days arguing with my friends about abortion and pollution.

I'm 14 years old and a freshman in highschool. I'm planning one day to start my own, private school for boys. (My brother really isn't driving me crazy enough... I think I need 300 more of him!! Yes, I am a little insane... and paranoid... but that's not what we're talking about, is it...?) I am funny, but my mom tells me that looks aren’t everything. *snark!*

I have one dog (Dixie), three cats (Lucian Otto, O'Reilly Sheppard, and Lazmataz), and one snake. (His name is Viper. He's a python... It was really funny at the time.)

As I'm here and I have the time... well, I'm a Sagittarius, I like long walks in the park... I'm looking for a strong, reliable, dependable (and some otherables) person of the male-type who is willing to make me happy and trust me with his children, money and heart.

In just four short years, if you fit the bill, you can FReep me! (But not before then. My dad’s the first sergeant!)