Since Oct 20, 2010

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I am obviously not a professional writer, thanks to those who have expressed an interest in helping this Noob make my posts more readable and hopefully agreeable.
Instructor Flight Engineer USAF Retired, 22years, 93rd Bombardment Wing, Castle AFB, CA 73-75 603rd MASS, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan 75-78 15 MAS, Norton AFB, CA, 78-83 345 TAS Yokota AB, Japan, 83-87 86th MAS, 60th ALCS, Travis AFB, CA, 87-95, Participant 2nd place SE Asian War games, 1st Place Panama, 1st Place Grenada, 1st Place Iraq (1990), Retired 1995. Conservative, Christian, Tea Party-Maybe, thinks the Constitution and the citizenery of the USA is what makes the America free, not the press, not the liberals, not the politicians, not Hollywood, not big government.