Rhonda Robinson
Since Oct 22, 2009

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I’m a mother of nine, a grandmother to a growing population of grandchildren (going on seventeen at our last count) and a wife to one. Married my high school sweetheart, over three decades ago. I started writing for our local paper about 15 years ago, at first it was about local happenings and raising a houseful of children. As time wore on, my concern for the morality of our government, and my children’s American heritage grew, I began to write on the social, political and parenting issues that is affecting our families.

Today, we have only one child left at home, and I’m facing retirement after 23 years of homeschooling. So, I spend my days holding on to what little time I have left with her, and serve as an associate editor for David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog, and continue to write.