Since Jul 31, 2005

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I am Evelyn's only living biological grandfather.

We live and work in the Des Moines ares. My youngerst son, Jeremiah, lives with us. My second oldest son, Andy, lives in Waterloo with his wife Lindsey and son Wesley. We lived in Charles City between 1991 and 1998. This is where Andy met Evelyn's mother, Noel Miller and where Evelyn was born in 1999. Andy and Noel never lived together. Andy claimed paternity of Evey and paid support to Noel for her care. Casey is a friend of Andy's who still lives with Noel. Noel and Casey have two children ages one and two years old. Andy visited Evey alternate weekends and holidays.

Hobbies: Internet, gardening, hunting, fishing, hiking, history and geology