Rickster Norfolk VA
Since Sep 12, 2004

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I've been a conservative since I was old enough to know what it meant. (1964) In those days of relative innocence, all we had to worry about was a powerful Soviet Union and nuclear holocaust. Ah, how easy we had it then. It's much risker today, unfortunately - at least the Russians wanted to live. The enemies we face today have no concern whatsoever for life, theirs or ours. This is the most serious challenge to the survival of our country in my lifetime, perhaps ever.

There are two things that disturb me greatly: (1) That there are people who are so political and so hate George Bush that they have no hesitation about tearing down the country and exposing us to greater risk from enemies who are determined to kill us. (2) That the American people collectively seem to not understand that we CAN lose this war against Islamic Facists. And that it will not be lost on a battlefield.

I am a Christian, trying to be the best one I can, and I tend to match the current events against the prophesies of the End Times. It's getting scarier in that regard.