Since Apr 3, 2001

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BTW; Why do they put Braille on the drive-through bank machines?

It might be obvious that I advocate for various parental rights initiatives. This line of research has also openned my eyes to more general concerns about the misuse of administrative law and the obnoxious if not criminal comingling of dissimilar subjects in our Revised Statutes. It is safe to say, the majority of people in this state (including our representatives) have no idea of the problems this mixed up compilation of laws has created.

In the area of family law, for example, laws relating to specific programs dealing with our Aid to Dependent Children act are routinely and problematically comingled with laws unrelated to our Social Security programs in such a way as to mislead most lawyers and judges into thinking that they deal with the same subject matter. Laws often relate to a specific classification of citizens, and not to others. This is the case with classifications such as "deadbeat dads" and "dependent children."

Believe me, this is the perverbial tip of the iceburg.