Since Oct 28, 2007

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Just an average guy, nearing retirement living in Portland, Oregon. My wife and I of 42yrs. have been apolitical, until recently. My claim to fame is having been married FAITHFULLY to the same woman, raising four kids to adulthood, getting them all through college and watching thm all get married to great spouses. I have grandchildren, whom I adore. I guess with retirement looming around the corner, we have woken up from a long slumber and realized our country is headed for disaster. I am conservative by nature anyway, and in examining the political scene, it seems conservatisim is the only intelligent answer. The Republican party has got its share of idiots and problems, but the alternative frightens me, and I worry my grandkids won’t have any civil rights by the time they are grown.
Portland is a hissing pit of viperous whackjob, tree hugging libs and if I wasn’t so close to retirement, I would get the hell out, but I have to suck it up. Idaho is looking good to me. Small buisnes friendly and the people are conservative at heart , lots of open spaces still.
Anyway, I joined FR as a lark, because I never heard of it before, until I saw it mentioned in a blog. Now that I am here, I am amazed and really encouraged. I can see that I will learn alot.