Since Aug 24, 2004

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Current Push

We have to stop using the word “biased”. The media is way beyond biased and biased suggests that perhaps they are unconsciously bending the news. They are Partisan Leftist. We need to use the word partisan, so that we can move beyond the “bias” argument, which they will never admit.
PLM = Partisan Liberal Media

My Views Concerning Government

The U.S. Constitution is a legal contract that protects the minority opinion from the whims of the simple majority. It is designed to prevent tyranny and thusly to prevent the bloodshed of civil war, which is the natural and just reaction to such tyranny.

To casually excuse judicial revision of original meaning by saying that the Constitution is a living, breathing entity open to change, is to assert that the Constitution is not binding on the majority, who picks the judiciary, but rather simply a tool of that majority to rule over the minority, a political trump card, which makes their whim the ultimate and unquestionable law of the land.

It is true that the U.S. Constitution was designed to be flexible, but not flexible in its interpretation. It has written within it a clear methodology for changing its language and intent, a methodology requiring a super majority and an acknowledgement of state and individual rights. It is a methodology that was intended to be difficult to perform with the purposeful intent of preventing revision by a simple majority of the people. The framers fully understood that it was a Constitutional Republic that offered true protection to its citizens, not a simple Democracy. Democracy and tyranny are not mutually exclusive.

Every judicial revision that re-interprets the clear language of the U.S. Constitution brings our nation closer to tyranny and to civil war.

My Views on Taxation & Spending

Taxation must be both fair and transparent. To tax one man's income 50%, while taxing the man working next to him not at all is an affront to equal protection and equal treatment. Men deserve 100% of what they legally make, it is not up to others to determine what they need or deserve to keep. That decision was made by the person who first contracted their services, bought their goods, or borrowed their money.

The only just tax is a flat tax levied at the point of sale. Not only is such a tax in all ways just, it also serves the purpose of reminding each citizen, every day, the real cost to them of government.

The current progressive system only serves to levy steeper and more burdensome taxation on the dull of intellect, which do not understand that they ultimately bear the cost off all progressive taxation through the increased prices required to cover that taxation.

The Federal Government, if limited to its real Constitutional responsibilities, would only be 25% of its current size. The Federal Government simply has no Constitutional power for most of what it does today. The States have surrendered much on the illusionary promise of "free" Federal money.