Since Feb 2, 2002

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You are comfortable in your ignorance and I will not disturb the sound slumber of your neurons. Creationists have demonstrated time after time on these threads that they refuse to consider the evidence, therefore, go in peace. We can debate this ad infinitum at the Savior's feet...after He tells you He followed all His own laws during the creation of the Universe...oh, except for Earth. On that planet, His laws never applied. Thorium and rubidium have half-lives of 3 days, yet are constructed so as to fool all the scientists. And He created fossils on a whim after a long day of dotting the stars about the night sky just so we would have something pretty to look at. Nevermind functionality, He did it all just for us, just so He could trap thousands of individuals and condemn them to the fires of Hell for having the audacity to believe the Earth was more than 10,000 years old. Creationism is a point of Salvation, evidently. Well you have to believe Jesus died for your sins, but more importantly you have to believe God made everything in 6-24 hour periods of time. Or else. < /sarcasm> You guys are priceless. -LeeMcCoy