Since Aug 4, 2009

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People on the internet tend to see me as representative of whatever they don’t like, so I can say with a fair degree of certainty that if I post on the forum here I’ll probably get called a “liberal” sooner or later—probably sooner. I’m ok with that, as I know what I am and don’t feel particularly compelled to prove anything to anyone. However, in the interests of not getting banned, I’ll probably not post very much, if at all—I’ll just read. I joined this group because it seems very interesting and there’s some good writing and insightful dialog on the board.

I live in eastern rural Colorado. I do medical transcription for a living. I am the bass player for a punk rock band called the Rok Tots. Jimmy West is the frontman for the Rok Tots and has been my best friend for 30+ years now; I mention this because Mr West has made quite a name for himself over these last many years in (among other things) conservative politics. (He’s not elected, though some have encouraged him to run. I hope he doesn’t, because if he were to have any reasonable chance of being elected he would probably have to have me imprisoned in the tower of London, or killed, or something.) He’s also an amazingly talented musician and writer. Yes, I COULD go on and on, but I won’t.

I have had some of my writing published, but that has little to do with politics so it seems not really pertinent to the setting. Just thought I would throw it into the mix.

I’m a very friendly person. I work at home and am always online. If you IM me, tell me who you are and where you got my add, or I’ll be rude.

Thanks for reading! :)