Since Oct 29, 1998

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I am retired from career service in the U.S. Marine Corps which included 3 trips to Vietnam, Army Parachute School, Navy Diving School (SCUBA), Marine Aerial Observation School, Air Force Air Combat (Red Flag). Service included operations in most Marine aircraft and on all manner of Naval ships from Carriers to Subs including an amphibious landing at Chu Lai, Vietnam. Best jobs: Commanding Officer, Alpha Company, 9th Marine Regiment and Commanding Officer, Alpha Company, 1st Recon Battalion.

In January, 2007 I returned from 10 months in Afghanistan as a defense contractor flying UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in support of U.S. Army Special Forces.

Father of grown children and grandfather of three boys. Politically independent. Conservative in some respects and open in others.

I strongly believe in God - as the spiritual Source of all Life. I also strongly resist any view which professes to have the ultimate and/or exclusive understanding of that spiritual Source. I believe Jesus Christ demonstrated that the application of God's spiritual truths can overcome any human problem and I choose to follow his teachings; but, I believe that it is valid for everyone to follow what they feel is appropriate for their own spiritual growth as long as it does not restrict my opportunity to do that also. And, I believe that human government should stay out of religious matters.

Current work: Managing income property which I own.

Recreation: Reading, aviation (radio controlled models and a full scale plane - Experimental RV-4), sailing, running, kayaking, computers, and riding my Harley.