Since Nov 11, 2008

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The legitimate needs of the people must always take priority over animals. The Endangered Species Act allows for exemptions when people are adversely affected by proposed protection of animals, such as the Delta Smelt. The current administration refuses to take human needs into account when it decides how much water will flow to the valley or out to sea.

In the short term, we need an immediate waiver from the flawed and fraudulent biological opinions so that water can be delivered to the farmers that have already bought and paid for it.

In the long term, we need to repeal unconstitutional restrictions on liberty and property like the Endangered Species Act and proposals like the Clean Waters Restoration Act that would place all bodies of water, including ground water, under federal jurisdiction without the need to hide behind the Endangered Species Act.

The renewed flow of water to the valley will restore tens of thousand of Ag jobs and restart the region’s economic engine.

Additionally, out nation’s security depends on a safe and reliable domestic supply of quality food. With our valley’s fertile fields fallowed, America’s feedom and security is jeopardized.

Health Care

The latest scheme to redistribute wealth in America is so-called “Universal Health Care”. It’s true that this scheme will drive health insurance companies and doctors out of business, lead to complete government control and rationing of health care service, lead to massive tax increases that will kill jobs across all industries, devastate Medicare for the elderly, create death panels and increase the cost of health care for hard working American families.

Instead of experimenting with historically flawed and failed socialist agendas, we should strive for Universal Access to health care via the proven success of free and fair markets. If we remove the chains of government from insurers and health care providers, costs and prices to consumers will plummet. Private enterprise will find better ways to deliver services to more and more people at better prices.

No one can honestly say that 536 people in Washington DC can conjure up better solutions than the unleashed creativity and ambition of millions of American entrepreneurs yielding to the needs of the consumer in a free marketplace.

Washington DC should pay credence to the saying, “lead, follow or get out of the way”. The government has failed to lead. No one wants government to follow us and look over our shoulders even more that it already does. That leaves only one government option; get out of the way!

National Security

We are at war with radical Islamist around the world. We must maintain a war footing in order to combat this scourge. We cannot let our guard down for a moment. The failed attempt to down an airliner within our borders this past Christmas day shows that we must choose between fighting the enemy on US soil or taking the fight to the enemy, wherever they may hide around the world.

Our federal government is charged with few responsibilities, but among those duties is to protect our nation from enemies, foreign or domestic. We must increase our spending on defense, not to contain the enemy, but to defeat them unconditionally.

This fight is a war for the survival of our way of life and not just a roundup of common criminals.

Taxes & Spending

Since The New Deal, our government has been on a steady march of increased size and spending. The pace of government over-reaching really took off when President Johnson ushered in the “Great Society”. With each step, government’s tentacles reached further and further into our personal and local affairs. Our founders and our founding documents were very clear on the dangers of government and its meddling in our lives. In fact, the Constitution forbids many of the activities that our government openly and notoriously engages in today. This march started as a crawl, but has now broken out into a full fledged stride. Our Constitution and our rights have been trampled on and we are headed further down a dark and dreary path towards tyranny.

In spite of all this, I agree with President Reagan when he said, “Some people say that their best days are behind them, never to be re-lived again. I believe that our best days lie ahead of us, waiting to be discovered”. Our future, however, is dependent on the actions we take today. We can sit by and watch the continued erosion of our liberties or we can act to reign in government and restore the delicate constitutional design for our government.

With government out of the way and off of our backs, American achievement and posterity is limitless. During the past 60 years, countless enterprises and individuals succeeded, not because of our government, but in spite of it. Knowing that, I confidently tell you that if our federal government were restored to its proper role of ensuring our safety, protecting our individual rights and the rights of the states that empower it, we would all be astonished as to how quickly we would bounce back from this malaise and in awe of the resourcefulness of American exceptionalism set free to prosper and pursue happiness.

Excessive government is neither a creator of wealth nor achievement. It is neither the great equalizer nor a benevolent provider. Quite honestly, it is the destroyer of incentive and inventiveness. Government beyond its constitutional authority is a master, not a servant. Too much government will always create too much control over our affairs and infringe upon our God given rights as protected by the constitution.

Quite simply, I will fight for lower taxes and for deep cuts in government spending. I will fight to cut government control and regulation. I will fight for freedom, liberty and prosperity. Unlike the powers that be in Washington DC, I am not asking you to blindly trust government. Quite the opposite, I am demanding that government trust the people to solve problems and make the best choice for themselves and their families.

Border Security

The United States of America must secure its borders and ports. We must know who is coming and going. We must be able to choose who we let in and who we keep out. We need a surge strategy for our borders. We must fully fund the effort to protect our sovereignty.

After we have regained control of our borders, we can create a practical and fully enforced guest worker program. However, any such program cannot create amnesty for those who violated our laws and entry to work in the United States must only be allowed when specific talent is in short supply.


America must become energy independent. Just like JFK catapulted us to the moon, we must make a firm commitment to rid ourselves of dependence on hostile regimes for our energy needs in this next decade.

The federal government must get out of the way of oil and gas exploration throughout US land, territories and waters. Offshore oil drilling and wind farms must be encouraged, not banned. Oil refinery and nuclear power plant construction must be assisted, not impeded.

Traditional Marriage

I believe that marriage is the traditional union between one man and one woman. Although the definition of marriage is a states’ rights issue, I believe that this traditional definition is one of the most basic building blocks of our social structure. I believe that the assault on marriage is another attempt by leftist groups to try and destroy the family structure.

Second Amendment

I firmly believe that the second amendment guarantees the right of each citizen to keep and bear arms and that any attempt by government to restrict that right is unconstitutional. Additionally, I believe that the attempt to register gun ownership is a violation of the ninth amendment.

Tenth Amendment

The federal government has usurped countless rights and powers from the states’. This downward spiral must be stopped and the proper constitutional limits on the federal government must be restored.

Federal Courts

The federal courts are out of control. Judges regularly ignore constitutional law in favor of their personal policy preferences. Uncountable federal rulings are unlawful and invalid.

I am strongly against judges legislating from the bench. In the case of constitutional law, it is incumbent upon the courts to determine whether or not an act of congress is constitutional or not. It is not the courts duty to try and “interpret” the constitution. Our constitution is not a living document and does not change over time.

Right to Life

Abortion is murder. Life begins at conception. The federal government is acting outside of its constitutional authority when it funds abortions or supports them in any way.

Global Warming / Climate Change

Global warming has been exposed as a complete fraud. Climate change is a fact of life. The earth’s climate is constantly changing from countless causes. The fact is that the average global temperature has actually been pretty constant for the past 10 years. This is probably due to the cyclical, extended and pronounced solar minimum that is under way.

Notwithstanding, here is a brief summary about out climate in recent geological times:

For reasons still unknown, there was a very cold period that lasted five centuries from about 1300-1850. Most scientists that study this attribute it one or more of the following occurrences during that time: increases in volcanic activity and/or cyclical decreases in solar output and/or cyclical changes in the world’s ocean currents. (Note: human activities not listed as a factor.)

Even more, in 1815, a volcanic eruption 100 times greater than Mt. St. Helen, caused there to be no summer in 1816 in the upper Northern Hemisphere. In fact, there were 5 consecutive days of snow in the American North East in June!

Then, in about 1850, the planet started warming up again. (Note: well before the industrial revolution).

So, the point is that there is no base line to judge the earth’s climate on. The global climate goes through various short, middle and long term cycles. Like anything natural, there will be peaks and valleys to each cycle of varying intensities. No two peaks or valleys will be the same. One must also consider that our planet is subject to solar cycles, gravitational cycles from the moon, other planets and even comets and asteroids. (Note: comet or meteor impacts have also played huge roles in the planet’s climatic history).
Is human activity contributing to global warming or cooling or even stabilization? No one can say yes or no or even to what extent. However, I would wager that we meager humans are no match for the power of nature.