Since Sep 22, 2000

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'Tolerant' liberals start insulting Bruce Jenner when he says he's conservative

A Response to Matthew Vines: The Bible Doesn't Support Same-Sex Relationships

A Ten-Step Program for Constitutional Recovery

ACLU Director Quits After Daughters’ Bathroom Ordeal

Admonish the Sinner – A Reflection on the First Spiritual Work of Mercy

Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Sling TV Will Backfire

Can You Guess the Jurisdiction that Is Ending Special Pension Advantages for Government Bureaucrats?

Christian Bakery’s GoFundMe Account to Raise Cash to Pay Fine Canceled Thanks to Internet Mob

Colleges: Women Have a Role to Play in Ending Rape. Feminine Modesty holds the key.

Famous Rapper SHOCKS With Comments About Bruce Jenner, And He’s Not Apologizing For It

From the White House to the Courthouse, Reparative Therapy Is Under Attack

Gay activists claim redefining marriage won’t hurt anyone, but that’s a lie. Just ask Canadians.

Gays Admit They Were Not Born That Way, shocking undercover video

How not surprising: Top 'gay' charged with raping boy(high # of pedophiles who are homosexual)

If Greedy Employers Discriminate by Paying Women Less, Why Don't They Hire a Lot More of Them?

Iran: We Will Get The Bomb

Is being transgender a mental illness? WHO classification system suggests it is

Leftists throw Female-Led Group out of Expo for Saying "Feminism Victimizes Women"

LGBT Activists Arm For Further War On Free Speech

Look who is defining sin. Say what?

Major Gay Marriage Study Was Fabricated, Author Admits

Milton Friedman: Government's Responsibility to the Poor

Muslim go BOOM!

New Family Structures Research and the “No Differences” Claim

Pediatricians group: Young women must be told of abortion-breast cancer link

Pope: Marriage between man and woman is threatened by gender ideology

Pro-Keynesian Journalist Accidentally Shows that Smaller Government Is Good for Economic Growth

Professor Raised by Lesbian Mothers: US Gov't May Have to Pay 'Reparations' to the Children

Queer by Choice, Not by Chance: Against Being 'Born This Way' [A Lesbian's Perspective]

Quite possibly the most racist article you will ever read

Researchers able to perform extended study of stunning wild northern cardinal gynandromorph

San Francisco Protesters Redefine Catholicism

Sexting scandal teacher hired for homeland security ( Colorado )

Some Evangelicals Take New Look at Bible’s Stance on Gays

Sorry LGBT, sex and gender are not the same

The Christian Heart of American Exceptionalism

The Incredible Intolerance of Ultra-Liberals and Gays

The Kids Are Not Alright: A Lesbian’s Daughter Speaks Out

The LGBT Community is Eating Our Own

Transgender Characters May Win Emmys, But Transgender People Hurt Themselves

Transgenderism: a pathogenic meme

Ultra-feminist founder of Femen Brazil declares herself pro-life, apologizes to Christians

United Airlines sues 22-year-old who found way to get cheaper plane tickets

What you won’t hear from the media and gay activists about same-sex ‘marriage

You guessed it: gay businessmen who hosted Ted Cruz apologize for “poor judgement”

‘Too many end in suicide’: The dark history of gender ‘reassignment’

“Hands up I HATE you!” look who leads the country in hate crimes – sorry media it isn’t Whites