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Below is a list of the numbers and some of the words are generally connected with the respective numbers. Notice that the smaller the number, the more general the meaning. Seven completes the series and eight starts new one(new week) . Just a few observations here; the larger the number, the fewer times you will see it but is becomes more conspicuous. Seven is the most conspicuous, though it is used less. .

1 Exclusion of difference, sufficiency, power, omnipotence, independence, perpetual, eternal, identity, concord, peace, congruity, harmony, sovereignty, election, promise, grace, birth

2 Difference, division, addition, growth, increase, competent testimony, seconding, salvation, relationship, service, dependence, contradiction, seed, separation, death

3 Cubic measure, solidity, fullness, trinity, actuality, manifestation, sanctification, spirit, resurrection

4 Weakness, testing, trial, failure, experience, number of the creature

5 God in Government, responsibility,

6 Manifestation of evil, or of the enemy’s work, work day week

7 Perfection, completes the series,

8 New beginning,