Since Nov 15, 2000

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Anything I ever earned got a portion taken out. I went to go investigate where it went.

I became a fiscal conservative.

Then I saw an attorney general of this country order a building put on fire that had children in it. And there was a Jewish star outside that building.

Then watched a little boy escape a Communist country. He watched his mother die, and then got sent back to that same Communist country by.a President blatantly breaking a law that was on our books for years.

I became a social conservative.

Then I watched two towers that were a part of my skyline all of my formative years crumble and the Pentagon hit. Plus more in a field in PA.

I became a religious conservative.

I'm the better half of another longtime Freeper.

If you are Jewish and a conservative, then please click HERE to learn more about the Republican Jewish Coalition and become a member.