Since May 16, 2001

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I'm a 58-year-old grandmother, a naturalized US citizen, originally from the Philippines. I did not start out as conservative. Like most Filipino-Americans, I was a moderate when I first came to the U.S. But soon I got pretty sick of living in a maddeningly irrational California city where predominant liberal opinions violate my most sacred beliefs.

Well, I still live here (San Francisco) and I work as a computer clerk in the advertising department of the (barf alert-)SF Chronicle! I don't read this newspaper anymore - I just work here. I prefer instead to get my news out of tv and the net!) The one thing positive that is happening to me is that the more the liberal elements of this city assault my feelings and my mind, the more I cling to (and grow into) my Catholic faith.

I enjoy reading Freeper posts, but I'm afraid I'm not as quick to respond as all of you who speak English from birth.

My favorite book is Fr. George Rutler's Cure of Ars Today; an interpretive bio of St. John Vianney, who became my patron saint when I was professed in the Secular Franciscan Order in 1992. I also like Chesterton's biography of St. Francis, CS Lewis' Surprised by Joy, and Chuck Swindoll's Flying Closer to the Fire, to name a few. I only read two kinds of books now: cookbooks and books about the faith. In my old age and decrepitude, those seem to be my last remaining passions.

Oh of course, one other passion remaining - psalms! I accidentally became the cantor of the Saturday vigil Mass in my church a year ago. The psalms that I ordinarily recite in my Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office), I try to sing privately by way of rehearsal.

I'm still nervous about my voice, but I keep reminding myself that a cantor/song leader should not aim at merely entertaining the congregation. My only audience is God Himself. ;o)

Pax et bonum to all!