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Since Apr 23, 1999

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Well, if ever someone wanted to know what the internet might look like after a 28 Weeks After scenario combined with a terrorist group successfully putting some long term psychotropic drugs in the water supply, pop the top on a cold one, make up a batch of popcorn, and browse away. You have come to the right site.

Lurk quietly, please, the inmates can be vicious.

If anyone thinks taking a lifelong liberal who supported liberal causes, donated to liberal politicians, thinks Planned Parenthood does great work (is that the sales division?), and has, as a high dollar real estate developer sold the country on a wall (not even the whole building) where much of it cannot be built (like down the middle of the Rio Grande River), who picks a figurehead conservative for the cosmetic functions of vice president, will do anything to return this nation to a Constitutional Republic, well, I have some swampland near 90 degrees North that might interest you. (After all, the kiddies can walk over and visit Santa and the elves any time).

Delusional Mass Hysteria isn't going to Make America Great Again, even if the slogan is great fare for bumper stickers or ball caps.

It's the sort of thing that got America where it is.

A forceful, wishful, denial of facts coupled with the bluster and bravado of a carnival barker, and which can muster all the real power of America's nuclear arsenal in 1947. (google that, you may be stunned--actual number of weapons ready to go=0 in 1947).

Despite well timed media releases and an ongoing (even after he "won") smear campaign, Donald Trump isn't fit to be the candidate, and if you want to know who was best suited for the job, you only have to look at the man he smeared and lied about the hardest.

As they used to say around here, when you are taking the most flak, you are the greatest threat, and over the target.

You had a chance, folks, this site coulda been a somebody, a contender. But you took a dive in the fifth, sucked up to a real estate developer who doesn't know the Preamble to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America (all "12 Articles"!!) and to sally forth as your grand champion to defend truf, just us, and the 'murcan way.

Only that fellow doesn't even know what any of that is, and sure as hell hasn't practiced it as a businessman.

His absence of a political record is touted as a plus because he never voted for X nor signed off on Y, but I would submit that Joseph Mengele never passed so much as a city ordinance anyone found onerous, that John Wayne Gacy never voted to uphold abortion, and Jeff Daumer didn't so much as write a bad restaurant menu.

Obviously they were all great guys and if they had said so, shining torch bearers of the conservative cause.

Willfully ignoring the record of Donald Trump and ignoring the records of others while believing his lies about them is no way to successfully run a country, but there are those well positioned to take full advantage of the fluctuations in value of all market sectors to their benefit (Trillions of dollars), not to mention the push and shove of edict and decree and the effect their policy will have on those same markets.

And you, dear reader, will just be along for the ride, should you even have your ticket left.

If you think the Donald's billions won't be on the table when that goes down, sit on a cardboard stick and wrap your head in wax paper, --cause you're a sucker. Just another easy mark at the tables...

So raise a glass to the ass who will guarantee the impoverishment and destruction of the Middle Class, even as they blindly howl his praises.

Whatta bunch.

Like rabid dogs, if this is discovered, Either you will bury it or come howling, but I'm out of the enclosure. Have fun jumping at the window in the door.

>tap, tap< Nurse! Thank you. I am done visiting here. (door closes, exit).