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Is Recession Preparing a New Breed of Survivalist? [Survival Today - an On going Thread #2]

Is Recession Preparing a New Breed of Survivalist? [Survival Today - an On going Thread #2]

"I Only Hang With Sheepdogs" an oldie, but goodie...

1,000 Banks to Fail In Next Two Years: Bank CEO

1st AD unit keeps Iraqi army hopefuls in line

A Long Way Home For The Truth About Vietnam Veterans

A President's Day Gift - George Washington in his own words

Air Force plans new special forces BDUs

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Altered States - Scientists Analyze the Near-Death Experience

America's Next Great Pundit--Win a Weekly Opinion Column from WaPo

Americans officially end era at PSAB

Amnesty by Any Other Name . . . [Must Read!]

Angels In The Whirlwind

Anti-war nuns sentenced to prison

Bush: U.S. Ships Positioned for Possible Liberia Duty

CAPTION your new Organizing for Deathcare™ logo!

Contact Tom Tancredo (R-Co), Chirman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus

Container carrying swine flu virus explodes on Swiss train

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Current time and weather Atsugi NAF, Japan

Current time in Iraq

Current time in Kuwait

Dear Mr. Kerry

Dear Sarah-A letter by a Civil War Soldier about to Die

Decline and Fall of Western Civilization

Defense Link


Earth View

Exclusive: FBI Probes Muhammad's Ties to Ohio Mosque

Find out how much you're personally paying for government.

Firearms Freedom Act Introduced in Florida

Folding@home - Make a Diffrence With Those New Computers

Former politician charged with assaulting stepdaughter (SC)

Free Republic

Genetic Link Seen in Cancer Drug's Power

Great news! The terrorist Z-visas will take 48 hours!

Great video of America's retribution for September 11

Gun sales soar amid fears of Barack Obama weapons ban (Guns aren't the only thing we're stockpiling)

hardheads military link

Have you heard about Operation: MOM?

Here We Go!!!! My kid has swine flu...

Here's MY Vanity!! Doom & Gloomers take note, you are being played like a violin.

Home gardening offers ways to trim grocery costs [Survival Today, an on going thread]

How to Pray for Physical Healing



Invitation to Free Republic Writers

Jim Robinson Has Given Us Permission to start a Digg page

Legally Dead: This is war. Skip the hand-wringing about "assassinations."

Live 3 Day Inaugural Thread (January 19-21) —Trump Family Train Deplorables

LIVE THREAD: Bush Flies to USS Abraham Lincoln for Historic Speech

Marines Enthusiam for Obama on Display at Camp Lejeune Speech on Iraq

Mom Tries to Rationalize Prodigy's Death (Child Prodigy 14 Yrs Old Kills Self)

More Canteener bashing by Tonk to Cote post 351

More Canteener slamming by Tonk - last page

More Opinion that Greenspan's Incompetent

Mosques and Centers in the U.S. (which will President Trump close?)

Mosques and Centers in the U.S. (which will President Trump close?)

National Geographic Television Spotlights USS Tarawa

Navy News

Need help on a virus attack

New Photoshop Contest, Obama Air Force One Photo OP

NEWS-CDC Helps U.S. Military Probe Pneumonia Cases

Operation Enduring Freedom: The Opening Chapter — streaming video

Our Generation's Pearl Harbor (photo gallery)

Packing Light, Packing Smart: Essentials of Concealed Carry

Penalty Mitigation in the Immigration Reform Bill [White House Spokesman Responds: Post #53]

Pentagon Leaders Warn of Dangers for U.S. in Liberia (Go Rummy Go!)

Philips Is Hiring Over 100 Work-From-Home Employees With Full Benefits

Photo Thread: Pres. Bush on the USS Abraham Lincoln

Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to All Persons of European Descent

Profile-A Final Push for the Bedeviled, Beloved Osprey

Pyongyang demands US leaders atone for war crimes

Refugee Reception and Placement

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Resources for job seekers during the recession (vanity)

Saving America: Time to hit the streets? (Senator Jim DeMint call to action!)

SC Senate passes heavy fines for hiring illegal immigrants

Secretary of the Navy Tells Sailors, Marines on USS Tarawa to be Prepared [SECNAV Visit At-Sea]

Secrets of Saddam's family at war

Senator warns of hyperinflation rivaling the 1980s

Senior Housing for Vets

Soldier and guitar bring hope to Baghdad

Soldiers Buying Bread in Iraq (Video) Must See!

Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen - In Quotes.

Something of Historic Proportions is Happening

Stand Up and Take It Like an American (Sometimes you pay a price for your beliefs) PEGGY NOONAN

Statement from the President on Iran

Thank you from Karl - desertdog

The 15 ESSENTIAL Windows 10 tips and tricks you need to know

The Broad Perspective on the Growing Outrage in America

The Freeper Foxhole - Christmas 2006 - December 25th, 2006

The FReeper Foxhole - SAM and Snippy Tour the USS Tarawa LHA-1 & meet bkwells - Sept. 5th, 2003

The FReeper Foxhole Compiled List of Daily Threads

The FReeper Foxhole Index

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers Task Unit Taffy 3 - (10/25/1944) - May 30th, 2003

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers The Battle of Waxhaws (5/29/1780) - Apr. 29th, 2004

The Freepr Foxhole Profiles Clarence "Kelly" Johnson March 10, 2006

The GI in Iraq: jack-of-all-trades

The New American Way of War

The S-Word (vanity)

The Winds Of Civil War: Illinois-Driven Marxist Attempt To Conquer Union

Third Infantry gets its marching orders

This May Become A Nightmare!

Thread with our Canteen Opus' at 44 and47and125

Turmeric Produces ‘Remarkable’ Recovery in Alzheimer’s Patients

U.S. Adopts Aggressive Tactics on Iraqi Fighters

UN representative says Liberia is 'basically destroyed' (Negroponte: U.S. will not send troops)

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US regulators warn customers about exploding Samsung washers


USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ Operations in Kuwait -CFLCC - 3rd Army ~ February 10 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ Call to Prayer ~ Continued Support ~ March 20 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ Fallen Warriors ~ February 15 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ General Tommy Franks ~ April 10 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ Steppin' Out with Blackjack's Band ~ April 16, 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ The Faces of Freedom ~ Continued Support ~ March 27, 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ TRIBUTE TO THE USS TARAWA (LHA-1)& FReeper Brian Wells ~ January 20 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ W.W. II WAVES ~ February 25 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style ~ WARSHIP ~ USS TARAWA PREMIERE SUNDAY March 2~ February 28 2003

USO Canteen FReeper Style~The USS Ronald Reagan(CVN 76)~Happy Birthday Mr. President~February 6 2003

VANITY - Does anyone watch TV over the internet?

War Stories From Vietnam


Woman Sexually Assaulted By Driveway Repair Man

WW2 Aerial Photographs Online

You know you've spent WAY too much time on FR when.....

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion (A Must Watch Series)

~The Dragon Flies' Lair VI ~ 464

“Can You Hear Us Now…?”