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Posted by Founder Jim Robinson on FR's home page:

Please enjoy our forum, but also please remember to use common courtesy when posting and refrain from posting personal attacks, profanity, vulgarity, threats, racial or religious bigotry, or any other materials offensive or otherwise inappropriate for a conservative family audience.

It seems to me

The above rules are not being enforced equally. Sadly, it appears that often - productive, articulate, intellectual FReepers have been banned for minor infractions, while one jerk in particular appears to enjoy total immunity. He posts no threads, no intelligent comments, no political, scientific or societal analysis - just personal insults - and yet he enjoys the FReedom to offend other FReeper contributors with profane rubbish.

A few FReepers mentioned how they appreciated the above comments and then I received this:

Does this sound like a threat? Someone has an ego on his shoulder and egg on his face!!!!

From humblegunner | 01/22/2018 1:31:32 PM PST read Seems like you want to start a war with your home page comments. OK, just keep in mind that YOU started it and anything from here on out is YOUR fault. You bring it on yourself. Make your time.