Since Mar 29, 2006

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I am a college educated, married, suburban house-owning woman with no children, two dogs, and a cat that thinks she's a dog.

I have an agenda, and here it is: to educate, whether through serious posting, jokes, citations, examples, or by saying nothing at all, but only what I have actually learned. I will not ever say anything that can't be backed up with hard evidence, as I am not a fan of the media, politicians, or ignorant people who think because they heard it on (the 6 o'clock news/their uncle's girlfriend's dad/a website made by a shmoe/their gut feeling/what someone else said/etc.) that it must be true, so must be vehemently defended.

I believe in being open minded and open to the fact that what I don't actively learn both sides about I don't really know. I will try my best to be polite while I am here, but there will always be instances where my patience wanes, and I apologize in advance for those events.