Since Jan 24, 2004

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I am considered by myself and friends to be: a fundamentalist christian, conservative republican(Can think of only one local race that I voted for a democrat, but other than that one lapse(he really was an idiot) have always voted republican, even when I wish that our candidate would be more conservative), do not consider myself to be a one issue person though I am pro life, consider my views to be right, but acknowledge the right for someone else to be wrong in their view points, with some exceptions think the government ought to butt the hell out of most things, think the world of those who serve in our armed forces though I did not serve myself, (I'll try to add more as time passes) and lastly take a very negative view, not of the viewpoint but of some of the posters on the Schiavo case who are arogrant, narrow minded, holier than thou,(you get the idea)Perhaps they are 16 and do not yet have wisdom but think they know it all.