southern rock
Since Nov 25, 2000

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You wanna know a little bit about me? Don't ask this guy...

Posted by Illbay to southern rock
On News/Activism Aug 21 9:58 PM #763 of 860

I have looked in VAIN for a SINGLE POST from you on any thread where you show even a MODICUM of sense.

You are the one of the most foolish idiots to grace this site.

There is only a HANDFUL of people here who have NO redeeming qualities; you're one of them.

Well, with such ringing endorsements from such esteemed and well respected members of FR, how can you go wrong by agreeing with me? LOL!

Other notable posts by famous Freepers to yours truly:

To: southern rock

Your supposed "right" to destroy yourself infringes on my right to pursue happiness, being sad at having to sit by and watch people needlessly suffer and die.

920 posted on 1/1/02 6:50 PM Eastern by Cultural Jihad

Yes, that one has become a bit of a cult classic. You just can't make this stuff up! :)