Since Jul 25, 2004

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--Supply-side economist
--Strict constructionist
--Socratic methodologist

^^^Interests include but are not limited to:
--scientific methodology and philosophy of science
--political satire
--martial arts
--music (performance of, recording of, playing of, study of: stringed instruments)
--building and driving stealth street rods

#####The President of the United States of America has only three duties; one for each branch of government.#####
--The duty to check and balance the legislative branch using the power to sign or veto legislation
--The duty to check and balance the judicial branch using the power to nominate judges
--And the duty to run the executive branch with the power to fill leadership positions and, most importantly,
to be THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the military

**********************************I will only vote for a candidate for President who clearly demonstrates a belief ***************************************
**************************************in strictly interpreting The Constitution when carrying out these duties.*******************************************

Listen to the Democrats and end up in a mental institution just like this lunatic: http://www.digitalfox.com/digitalfox/johnf-ingkerry/foilhat.htm