Since Aug 3, 2008

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I see beyond the light I’ve got microscope eyes my eyes see what others may not that those who do not are fobidden to accept that we do not need certain Staff kind of treatment towards us they give us outside just say cause of the way we talk and their the ones that haven’t seen the light. Those who are like that towards us are blinded by foolishness from those who think they are better than us cause they don’t have problems. Others call us psychopaths then to find out it’s cause of the way we talk different from them then it’s the other way round. Certain Staff done that to many before if only you can just see that and realise the problem they have with us comes from those Staff then things will be a lot better in the world. It’s not the Weapons of Mass Destructions that are the threat it’s the people who come up with such thing of destructive weapons and against us cause of the way we talk when they ask then why do you talk like that those that ask then try to destroy us cause of it are the Weapons of Mass Destruction. It’s Staff like that that are the course of the problem to most of us with problems and no one cannot see that that don’t have problems unless it happens to themselves. Very true. They have always been like that to those with problems and it’s wrong for Staff to do that when they don’t know why. If only you can just see that only then you have seen the light.