Since May 2, 2000

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A Nation of Cowards

Airline Saftey - Real American Style

Bush in the Rubble Rises to the Occasion

Bush Targets Other Death Tax

Dependency hurts farmers

Federal Reserve: The Engine of Inflation

HIGH-INCOME TAXPAYERS pay a growing share of the nation's tax bill.

How Taxes Trickle Down

Inside the all-powerful Federal Reserve

Lies, Damn Lies, and the CPI

Mark Steyn: War between America and Europe

Markets and von Mises: In the Shadow of the Storm

Mob Attacks Women in Central Park

Noah would be proud: Settlement reached over threatened snails, frogs, rabbits, butterflies, herbs

Numbers Never Added Up for Gore

Pigmey Shrew - The Ideal Endangered Species


The "General Welfare" Clause. What Does It Really Mean?

The Gold Standard

The Social Security Pool Drunk Dry By Immigrants

Time to deep-six federal death tax

What Surplus?

Which is worse: WorldCom or Congress?

With Reparations Heating Up. . .