Since Jan 31, 2001

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I am a retired US Army contract specialist who was the primary buyer for the HELLFIRE Missile system from 1996-2005. I love and support our troops and despise anyone who parrots that stupidity, "I support the troops, but I oppose the war". I believe it is impossible to support our troops unless you support the efforts they have been assigned to carry out. Freedom is very precious to me, especially since I experienced the loss of 2 people who were very close to me in the Viet Nam war.

I have been a lurker here at Free Republic for about 4 years, but I am unable to remain silent, so I "come out" when I see and hear what liberal slimebags like John Kerry are doing to my country and our military. Between them, the ACLU, and Bill Clinton's administration, we have almost no remaining moral fiber.

My husband and I have 5 adult daughters and 10 (soon to be 11 grandchildren). The demoralization of America was brought fully home to our family when, in a 3 year span, 2 granddaughters were sexually molested by stepfathers and the law was completely on the side of the perpetrators.

I think any politician, regardless of party affiliation, who engages in immoral (or amoral) behavior or who use America's military for their own partisan purposes should be impeached and removed from office immediately.