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"NONE DARE CALL IT EDUCATION" (Chap. 9; Part 1 of 2)

"NONE DARE CALL IT EDUCATION" (Chap. 9; Part 2 of 2)

(Education Links from Stand Watch Listen)

(Vanity)Tech question for Win98(Vanity)

A colleciton of pro-gun bumper stickers

A Freeper's Guide to PGP

A JFK Coverup Murder Exposed?

America's Failing Public Schools

Art of the cache

Browser Wars, take two

Classic Conservative Essay Reference (Bookmark This - Quotations Too!)

Clearly Defined Educational Goals

Deconstructing Public Education

Exodus: Is it Time to Leave Public Schools Behind?

Firearms and Freedom

Free Republic links to education related articles (thread#8)

Free Republic links to education related articles (thread#8)

Freedom (This is a Must Read!)

Freepers! How to kill SPYWARE on your computer.

Getting and keeping spyware off your computer - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Glencoe/McGraw Hill misinterprets the Second Amendment (II)

guns guns guns (see response #45)

How to remove 250 stains

info needed -- gun safes

John Lenin's html cheat sheet

Observations on TPS damage on Orbiter

Posting refresher course -- please read

Renorming IQ tests -- Flynn effect

Second Amendment

The Delphi Technique. What Is It? {WE BEEN "DELPHIED"!!}

The Indispensable Amendment (Second Amendment)

The NEA's Q & A

The Union that Killed Education

Updated FR Link Only or Excerpt List