Since Jul 14, 2000

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I'm not special, but I am diffeent. I used to be a Christian, but changed my beliefs when my past religious views did not mesh with my Latter Day Saint beliefs.

Briefly, I was raised Episcapalean with the upbringing of a predominately liberal family. I ventured in this direction: At 18 I voted for Carter. I was young dumb, and full of.... (yeah,yeah). At the same time I enlisted in the Navy, and saw what Carter did to the military. I loved the sea so much, i decided to stay in, get married and raise a family.

For 20 years I maintained my beliefs, but when i retired, and my kids grew up, I began to question religion in relation to leadership values the military imbued me.

Now, I am an Asatruar, and an ardent follower of the Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic religions from the "old" days - which means from before anybody here at this site can remember or even envision. I am politically active, and I do have a differing opinion, but I am more conservative than most of the conservatives here. Maybe not as smart, maybe not as savvy, but I have an opinion - and it ain't humble.

This is where I stand:

Global warming is a joke - got viable proof?

The Second Amendment was devised to enable an electorate such as ours to rectify a tyrannical government. The left hates guns, I do not like the left's tack in trying to take them away.

Government is too big, and too devisive as well as too invasive.

Bill Clinton was, is, and always will be a traitor.

Liberalism is about defying language, borders and culture - and i take that as an afront.