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9/11 Atta in Prague

Is Terri a person with constitutional rights? Cranford Melvin Greer personhood

September 12, 2001 Towers leveled by gravity, fire

Slick trick (global warming) guilty til proven innocent

Terri -- The Top 30 media Files of the Schiavo Saga

! HAL9000 - Links to News Sources (v 1.8)

! HAL9000 - Links to News Sources (v 2.8) 9/20/05

'Silver Scrolls' Are Oldest OT Scripture, Archaeologist Says

(NBC's Lawrence) O'Donnell's Lunacy Continues (says John Edwards is racist just for staying in race)

*** obama Drudge starting to hammer Obama

********Climate Change Reconsidered: The 2009 Report of the NIPCC

***JOHN KERRY, SPEECH AGAINST VIETNAM WAR, "Vietname Vets Against the War*** (FLASHBACK 1971)

**NEWS ARCHIVES***President: FBI Needs Tools to Track Down Terrorists **NEWS ARCHIVES***

-"No Blood for Oil"- Kojo & Kofi: Unbelievable U.N. stories. backhoe

09/11/01 8:50 am Zimbabwe: Angry Mbeki storms out of Zim indaba - report

09/11/01 8:51 am Out of the Fire and Back into the Frying Pan [microsoft]

09/11/01 8:52 am While Congress and the president were away, Terry McAuliffe and DNC

09/11/01 8:52 World Trade Center

09/11/01 8:52 World Trade Center

09/11/01 8:53 As U.S.-Mexico Ties Strengthen, The Border Blurs For Residents

09/11/01 8:53 Campaign Finance Bill Gains Support (Only 9 More Votes Needed)


09/11/01 8:54 *** PLANE CRASH - WORLD TRADE CENTER ***

09/11/01 8:5x Indo-Israeli entente

17 Do away with 17th Amendment

17 FR CALL TO ACTION: Defacto Repeal of 17th Amendment - THREAD 2

17 Repeal 17th Amendment (long thread, 9/24/02)

17 REVERSE THE 17th AMENDMENT NOW (vanity, 1999)

17 Say goodbye to the 17th Amendment?

17 What would Happen in the Senate, if not for the 17th Amendment? (1/23/99 vanity )

2 firms to jointly run terminal (China Ocean Shipping Co and Yang Ming)

2004 Truth from the Democrats: A FR resource of pandering, and lying

2012 We are not outnumbered

20jveritas 01 Iraqi Document: Saddam Approved the Re-Use of Nuclear Equipments

9/10/2001 11 pm Economy is a Headache That Could Hurt Bush

9/11, IRAQ: loads of links, Cheney speech, too

9/11/01 8:30am Steve Ducy Throws "Accidental President" Author Off Show

9/11/01 8:30am FreeRepublic Fundraiser -- Important --

9/11/01 8:44 am Group Decries Politically Biased Classes at Major Universities

9/11/2001 7:13 am Iraq claims to have shot down a US spy plane

9/11/2001 7:45am Yates jury selection today; hearing Wednesday

97 Reasons Democrats Are Weak On Defense And Can't Be Trusted To Govern In Wartime

A Dali Painting in 3-D (after-action report from the hospice where Terri Schiavo is being held

A Selection of PRIVACY Links - BOOKMARK THIS!

A Skeptic's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth (Scientific Rebuttal to Gore's Fantasy Film)

A voice in the desert -- Father Robert Altier



abortion Pro-Lifers Charge Abortionists More Prone To Crime

abortion - Human Cloning

Abortion -- British Study: Babies 20 weeks in the Womb Feel Pain!

Abortion -- A Little-Noticed Pro-Life Victory

Abortion -- ABSOLUTE POWER: What "Pro-Choice" Is Really All About:

Abortion -- Ethics Tortured, Bloody, Sickening . But Effective - Pro-Life

Abortion -- Huntington Beach will repeal ban on aerial ads - Abortion Banners

Abortion -- If we double the abortion rate will America be crime free?

Abortion -- One Reason Abortion Is Legal

Abortion -- Your destiny, from day one { Embryos differentiate early, aren't blobs}

Abortion ----- The First Fourteen Days of Human Life

Abortion --The Real Meaning of Choice: Dealing, politically, with abortion.

Abortion -Sacramento Bishop Challenges Gov. on Abortion; Tells Davis Stop Receiving Communion

Abortion Eugenics -- Sanger's Pivot of Civilization

Abortion TV

abortion Using The Word LIFE, to be an alive human being

ACLU FLORIDA: Assault on the Courts[ACLU, Amnesty Intl supported FL courts v Bush, legis]


ACORN Barack Obama's Involvement w ACORN Unearthed, Missing Article Discovered

ADSCAM -- Canada's Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open

Airline Bomb Plot: FR Thread Roundup London

akbar Army isn't linking grenade attack to soldier's Muslim religion

Akbar Grenade Suspect's Home Searched [Army: U.S. Soldier Acted Out of Resentment in Grenade Attack]

akbar Soldier suspected of deadly grenade attack had California ties

Al Maus, Inventor RIP

Al Qaeda training manual - PBS

Al Qaeda, esp in Europe -- Mackenzie Institute overview -- Great!!!!

All of us together would go down to Washington and we would stone him to death! (Not Rush Limbaugh)

Americans Airline denied Atta paradise wedding suit

Animal Lovers [Classic Mark Steyn]

Anthrax -- Anthrax Letter Writer Profile

Anthrax -- INS holding 2 men seized at apartment (anthrax letters - HANDWRITING link?)

Anthrax --   FBI seizes property at Hamilton [NJ] apartment [anthrax/hijackers link]

Army Photo of National Guard Delivering Supplies to SuperDome On WEDNESDAY (My Title)

Arrested Men's Shaved Bodies Drew Suspicion of the F.B.I.

ASHCROFT HEARING-LAST DAY- THREAD 7 with links to earlier threads

Ashcroft Senate Hearing - Thread 7 with links to earlier threads

ATTA PRAGUE The Butcher with the Terror Ties - The evidence mounts. (Newsweek

Ayers does Obama agree with Ayers on criminal justice and education reform?

backhoe America Held Hostage- the Obama Files...


Barone - Left Concedes: Justice Thomas No Lightweight

Best Global Warming Warming Videos On The Internet - Part VI: Updates & Additions (Vanity)

Biden's Big Lies: All 14 of them VP debate

Breyer: Founding Fathers Would Have Allowed Restrictions on Guns

Bumbper stickers at Randall Flagg's homepage

Bureaucratic Failure - How things went as wrong as they did (WTC 911 Osama bin Laden)

Bush discussion with reporter about leak....

Byrd Judiciary "Sheets" on C-span 2 talking about filabusters...4/25/2005

canada oil for food players

Canada Reveals (al Qaeda) 'Sleeper Cell' Contacts (With American A.Q. Cells)

CBS Radio labels nancy Pelosi "ultra-liberal"

CBS Rathergate Producer Mary Mapes Wins First Duranty-Blair Award for Journalistic Infamy

CCX and Gorebal Sachs carbon credits

Check out tonight's thread at Obama Crimes...

Chicago TV in 2000: Obama admits a terrorist launched his career

Chicago's Public Housing Projects

China - Clinton scandals

Clinton engineered oil crisis [WorldNet Daily article]

COGITO ERGO SUM does not imply "I don't think, therefore, I am not"

Companies in US Sing Blues as Europe Reprises 50s Hits-Labels Fight Copyright Expiration In Europe

comparison of 9 deaths in iraq to korean war deaths

comparisons of wars' costs

Compassionate Liberalism Part II: Blaming the Iraq War and Tax Cuts for New Orleans Flooding

cshl -- Tumor Time Bombs Set Off by Stem Cells

Daschle Has His Share of Critics (Geo. Wash. U)

daschle missile defense

Daschle NMD -- Transcript of Tom Daschle 2001 press conference on a Missile Defense program

Daschle on NMD -- N Korea threatens US targets

Democrats battle Bolton for U.N. post -- VOINOVICH'S SON

Demron - the $440 billion contribution by Fannie Mae

Dingy Harry Reid Searchlight Flashback,1998 & 99 OK to put money in private to solve Soc Sec crisis

Doctors of Death: Kaiser Solicits Its Doctors to Kill 5/23/05

Driver's License scandals -- esp tennessee

employment immigrants aclu title VII

ESCR - What the Media Won't Tell You About Stem Cell Research

ESCR Pedersen (US to UK) touts Hwang (Korea) cloning research

estrada Dems shameless in Estrada nomination

Estrada filibuster may galvanize Latino voters

estrada The Minority Democrats' War In The Senate For Control Of America

Euthanasia ---Freepers call to action re. Terri Schindler-Schiavo. pt 1

Euthanasia --Tony Bland histology report

EXCLUSIVE: New York Times ‘Killer Vet’ Story Exposed as Erroneous by Pro-Troop Group


FAA says it had 11 other suspect planes on Sept. 11

Fact trumps fiction on Jefferson story

Faithful Reason About Stem Cells (Is ANT research okay?)

Families shattered over arrest (Azmath illegal in US 9 years- John Doe2?)

Family, Friends Reflect on Schiavo 2003 starvation

fannie mae mismanagement 2006


Fed. Govt sent emergency supplies to Louisiana as early as Tuesday [From AP]

Federal crime statistics are a rebuttal to the race-grievance industry lies.

FEMA history and facts

Filegate - 12/2000 - searchable list of files, incl Tripp and Baker

Fort Hood Texas: Free Republic Archives

Free Republic -- Examiner columnist blasts ""

Free Republic RSS feeds! (Firefox found them)

Freeper help: The Certificate Larry Schweigert

GOOD === Skin cancer's secrets unveiled

Great High Omnipotent Unimpeachable Lord Almighty George Greer [GHOULAGG Link Thread]

Guilty! "Obama Sued Citibank to Force it to Make Bad Loans"

Gullible warming ---Al Gore's Live Earth: 'Jumped the Shark'

Hammesfahr Nobel nomination

Hassan -- Arrested militants 'admit to Hassan murder'

Hassan -- Galloway to work for release of British hostage

Hassan -- Iraqi cleric 'demanded ransom for Margaret Hassan',,7374-2016926,00.html

Hassan Galloway plea for hostage release

Hillary's switch to the left -- Wellesley

Holding Rather's feet to the fire [Great summation of Rathergate]

How many American KIA during Johnson's Administration?

How the Leftist Churches Set a Time Bomb for the Democrats

How to surf anonymously without a trace

Hwang scandal -- -- LOTS of links to other articles

IEM Team to Develop Catastrophic Hurricane Disaster Plan for New Orleans & SE Louisiana

In Defense Of Dubai

In Memory of Terri Schiavo-Not Dead Yet's Action Items

Index of Terri documents

Industrial Fire World -- Monthly Incident Log

Iran - CIA 'gave bomb plan to Tehran' (Clinton Legacy - Nuclear weapons)

Iraq - Freeper Resource: Sleuthing The Iraq-Bin Laden Connection (Redone)

Iraq -- Panic caused by the possibility of success

Iraq -  No-Fly Zones Over Iraq: Washington's Undeclared War on "Saddam's Victims"

IRAQ -- Civilian Flights to Iraq (many links)

IRAQ -- Russian jet defies UN sanctions to land at Baghdad airport

IRAQ -- Russian jet defies UN sanctions to land at Baghdad airport (9/17/00)

Iraq -- Saddam DID have WMDs

IRAQ -- Saddam link to Bin Laden (1999 article)

IRAQ -- Trip to Baghdad Flies in Face of UN Sanctions (Galloway) 11/11/00

IRAQ Facts on Who Benefits From Keeping Saddam Hussein In Power

Iraq positives 031608 Why aren't we told this???

IRAQ REALISM, IRAQ, and the Bush Doctrine - Some clarification is desperately needed.

Iraq's new "Most Wanted" list exposes more links between former regime and terrorists

Is Fitzgerald Over-Reaching on Leak Case? [Toensing]

Is Kate Michelman Telling the Truth About Her Own Abortion Story?

Is Paris Burning? ( Religion of Peace Alert )

It was Bush that asked the Gov and Mayor to order a mandatory evacuation, NOT their idea at all.

jerger beaty Terri's Fight - (Daily Thread/Updates)November 1-2, 2003

Jerger-Centonze held fundraisers for Hospice Foundation (Terri Schiavo Mystery Expands)

Jesse Lee Peterson At Texas A&M says don't vote for Obama.

Jihadis in the Hood: Race, Urban Islam and the War on Terror

Joe Wilson's top ten inaccuracies

Judge George Greer

justices abortion Why Frist and all won't go 24/7 (Vanity)

Jveritas page of links to iraq doc threads

JVERITAS Responds to the 11/3 NYT Article Regarding Iraq Nuclear Program.

Katrina Fed. Govt sent emergency supplies to Louisiana as early as Tuesday [From AP]

Katrina: A timeline -- proof the Federal response was NOT SLOW

Kerry timeline John Kerry's Trail of Treachery

Larger scandal -- trying to find pro-US agents

Law changed by Hospice where Terri is dying

Left-wing venom exceeds Katrina's fury ("Democrats seem increasingly unhinged"...)

Letter to EACH Senator. The outside of the envelope says I HAVE asked Schumer to confirm Estrada

libby trial greatest summary

List of financial egulatory changes under Clinton and Bush

LIVE THREAD: Senate Coverage AND Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote on Bolton nomination

London - Red hair may be the genetic legacy of Neanderthals...

Louisiana Officials in Flood-Money Scam

Louisiana Officials in Flood-Money Scam

MAKING MAJORITY PARTY APPOINTMENTS, Senator Pat Roberts chastises the minority obstructionists

Man Detained on Train Tells Family He Has Been Denied Access to Lawyer

MARRIOT Romney buddy, Dick Marriott, maintains connections with NRA

MARRIOTT Plot thickens around NRA, Dick Marriott, Mitt Romney and NOW Sharon Bialek

MARRIOTT Romney resigns from Marriott board ( tied to Natl Rest. Association, Dick Marriott)

Media Contacts (Your complete who, where, and how guide here)

Medicare Part D sign-ups surpass all expectations


Michael Kranish, The Globe, and the Campaign Book

Michael Schiavo Is Being Charged With Perjured Testimony and Fraud On the Court

Missile Defense Test Yields Successful 'Hit to Kill' Intercept 6/06

Muslim holy month earns schools' respect: Out of tragedy, lessons about Ramadan grow

My life has never been the same since I found (What about yours?)

Nagin -- maybe he was hiding evidence

Nagin's Failure

NEO-PROGS FROGS movie poster Some See Risks as Republicans Revel

New Jersey men to be arraigned for credit card fraud Azmath Khan

New Orleans Levee Failure Assessment by jeffers 9/23/05

New Orleans mayor deals with a natural disaster and some criticism (stomach turning puff piece)

New Yorker Obama Cartoon Mika: 'Dangerous'

New Yorker Obama Cartoon (KOmmie Heads Explode Over New Yorker Obama Cover)

NIGERGATE:Connections between the UN Oil-for-food Inquiry, the Rockefeller Group and the French

NON-ESCR advances 1/06 Let’s Be Adult About This Politics can be free of embryonic entanglements.

NY Times Ed Board: Fairweather Flood-Control Fans


O'Reilly FR quotes out of context -P-Marlowe's sources

OBAMA An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques

Obama -- info well organized ETL's home page

Obama -- lots of good stuff

Obama -- Malik Obama confirms his half-brother Barak grew up a Muslim

Obama and Ayers - A Double Act for 25 years?

Obama and the Sex Education Act

Obama Contradicted: HHS Banned Consideration of ‘Cost Effectiveness’ in Developing Contraception

Obama's Anger [mod note - Quote in excerpt is NOT from Obama]

Obama, ACORN the current financial mess ETL list

Obama, Jarrett, Frank Marshall Davis, communism connections

Obama-Ayers-Chavez ties

OBAMA: The Making of an American Dictator

OBAMBA DANCE And Now, For Obama's Next Flip-Flop: Iraq [Krauthammer Alert]

oil depot explosions hemel hempstead heathrow Massive Series of Explosions rock Southern England

On the Way? (Some of the Iraqi documents may be released soon.)

Operation Infinite Justice

Palin right on Bush Doctrine, ABC NEWS doesn't even know what it means

Peggy Noonan: A Tough Roe

Peggy [Noonan] we hardly knew ye

Peter Singer The Dangerous Philosopher -- New Yorker, M. Specter

picture of jodi centonze

Pincus and Milbank: the low-down on two Washington Post Bush-hating reporters

plame -- Six Reasons the Plame Episode is a Farce

Plame No crime re Plame according to journatists

Post Muslim Clerical Anti-terrorist Statements Here

Pro-Life Priest Sentenced to Jail, but Freed to Serve in Military

Professors Against the Bailout

PUBLIC HOUSING -- America’s Trillion-Dollar Housing Mistake

Reasons for Confession [Sacrament of Reconciliation]

Redheads 'are neanderthal'

Refresher on Al Qaeda in Iraq -- Pre War

Researchers: What are your favorite research sites?

Restraint asphyxia part 2


Revealed: how 'war hero' Kerry tried to put off Vietnam military duty

Revered Jeremiah Wright, "former Muslim" (?!)

Saddam Al Qaeda -- PRE-BUSH rpts of SADDAM's TIES TO AL QUEDA

Saddam link to attacks: INTELLIGENCE has suggested the prime mover behind the attacks was Saddam

Saddam says I will not destroy Samoud 2 missiles (which violate UN mandate)

Saddam's WMD Have Been Found [insight April 26, 2004]

Salman Pak 9/11

Schiavo - Evidence of Physical Abuse Haunts Michael Schiavo timeline

Schiavo Judge [Greer] Orders Schiavo [DCF] Documents Released.

schiavo Malpractice 1992 transcript (Terri Schiavo Mystery Expands)

Schiavo v. Igel Stewart tilghman fox bianchi

School prayer -- Chicago Public Schools set up Muslim Prayer Rooms

School prayer -- Chicago Schools Create Prayer Room for Muslims

School prayer -- Prayers room, Picture of Mecca

School prayer --   Rock Bridge accommodates Muslim students: "It sounds like we set up a mosque

Schumer Schumerism

Schumer -- "I believe that we are God's noble experiment." Sen. Schumer

Schumer -- A SETBACK FOR SCHUMER [Estrada vote to floor 2/01/03]

Schumer -- FLOWER CHILD FASCISM [fear of militias]

Schumer -- on C-SPAN2! (Filibuster Against Estrada Begun 02 05 2003)

Schumer -- Sen. Schumer's evil experiment!! [Judiciary Estrada 9 27 2002]

Schumer --The '04 Senate Race: Will He or Won't He? [Will King run against Schumer?]

Schumer a Ted Kennedy's Club Discriminated

Schumer similar to Hussein. Saddam: I won't destroy missiles

Scientist says ostrich study confirms bird 'hands' unlike those of dinosaurs

scientists who were religious


Scott Thomas update---- and tribute to other victims

See Hillary yell at Nickles. But bring along your earplugs.

Seeking New Light On TWA Flight 800

September 11, 2001 2 am thread GLOBALIZATION´S DARK SIDE: Would a One-World Government Protect Real

Set up? Anatomy of the contrived Wilson "scandal"

Shocker: Electronic Money Market Run Nearly Destroyed US Economy

Skeptics and Deniers of GLOBAL WARMING. Its not a settled science. Debate continues. 10 part series

SKEWER Democrats abandoning ideals, Nader says

Slippery slope of cloning research

Some facts about how the U-S military is responding to Hurricane Katrina.


State with minimum wages higher than feds

stem cell research Fact Sheet - Do No Harm - Updated July 16, 2006 (FYI as the debate heats up)

Stem cell research truth v fiction - paper by Freeper wife

Stem cells cord blood registry stories

Study Links Abortion, Race And Lower Crime

Study Links Abortion, Race And Lower Crime [2001]

Suicide bombers -- loads of links

Sun gets part of blame for warming. Einstein's equation. Flu shot targets

Superdome has been used before -- little support, too dangerous (red cross)

Sweet cell of success (Major breakthrough in adult stem cell research could end ethical debate)

Telegram from parents of AR students to Eisenhower, thanking him for sending 101st to protect kids

Terri - ---- Pro-Terri blog

Terri - issue of govt legitimacy, NOT government size

Terri -- Garcia Repper Greer Rice Scientology (sarcastically defends Greer's killing Terri)

Terri -- Garcia Repper Greer Rice Scientology *************************************

Terri -- Greer's mistakes by august 2003

Terri -- Questions -- bulimia, asphyxiation, felos in room, famine Weak but Responding

Terri -- The Perfect Murder: Florida Officials Must Impanel Grand Jury

Terri --- Felos and Schiavo statements on Larry King 10/27/03 by

Terri ethan allen analysis Attorney: Terri Schiavo Again Being Fed Through Tube

terri schiavo Teaching Euthanasia (in American Catholic universities)


Terri Schiavo's plight sparks grassroots petitions Feb 25

Terror -- Beltway sniper search on FR

Terror --War on Terrorism [Newsmax Hot topic]\\

Terror FL Students --Friends.. teachers support student detained in FL (Abu Gheith diatribe)

Terror Florida students-- Florida Terror-Alert Students Refuse Lie Tests

Thanks to protesters, children saw horrifying images

The 2007 FreeRepublic Lexicon (Lingo, Dictionary, Lore Handbook)

The Ad Age President Who 'Killed Election Day'

The Amici Brief (The MSM claim that Plame was outed 1990's)

The Awful Privacy of Baby Jane Doe, by Nat Hentoff

THE DEAN DOSSIER (research information on DNC Chair Howard Dean posted here)

the fakery of clintonoid access journalism:the bloodworth-thomason fables continue

The genetic puppeteer (ever wonder why genetic twins look progressively different over time?)

The market does the best job of setting oil prices

The Mississippi Levee System [Attempts to keep the river from abandoning NOLA]

The Mosque to Commerce: bin Laden's Special Complaint with the WTC

The Mother of All Connections(Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda)

The Motive Becomes Chillingly Clear (Michael Schiavo)

The Problems with Socialized Health Care (Nightmare headlines from around the globe)

The real terrorists by aldrich

The Strata-sphere

The Tears of Clowns (A bummed MSNBC)

The Timeline Project for Demron

The TPM Interview With Ambassador Joseph Wilson

The Truth Emerging About Iraq-bin Laden Connection

The Undeniable Truth: Hitler was a Leftist [anti-tobacco]

The War of Jihadism-Jack Wheeler discusses how Islamic terror is a form of envious rage.

Top 5 List of John Paul II's Writings

Troops find grisly scenes in New Orleans (find "at least" 40 mutilated bodies in convention center)

Truman radio address explaining what is necessary to win in Korea (1950) [Sounds like Bush re Iraq]

Two Hyderbadis detained

UN -"No Blood for Oil"- Kojo & Kofi: Unbelievable U.N. stories.

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Updates at [sources about media bias]

URGENTLY NEED FREEPER HELP -- scanning newly posted Barack Obama Data on Google

US Code TITLE 1 > CHAPTER 1 > Sec. 7. Definition of Marriage and Spouse

US gov't kept records of addresses of citizens and opened mail during WWII

USSC Justice [Ginsburg] Says Abortion Essential to “Prune Excess Population”

USSC Hamdan - analysis by Rivkin + Casey****July,06 What the ruling says--and what it doesn't say.

VACCINES Vatican Condemns Vaccines Made with Tissue Obtained by Abortion

Vanity: Do I Really Need an Editor?

Very detailed article on Khan and Azmath

What Did He Know?

What Wilson Didn’t Say About Africa: Joseph Wilson's Silent Partners

Whether it is always sinful to wage war? (Aquinas on Just War)

Why Terrorism works [Dershowitz okays torture warrants]

William F. Harrison, Clinton Friend, is abortion provider in Fayettville AR

Zogby Poll: Americans Not in Favor of Starving Terri Schiavo (poll with fair questions)