Since Apr 22, 2000

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Key Issues:
Gun Owner's Rights
Property Rights
Republican and Constitutional Principles
Right to Life
States' Rights

Flintlock and Blackpowder Rifles
World War II and Earlier Military Rifles
High-power and Smallbore Rifle Competitions
Model Building (balsa and plastic)

Member of:
Gun Owners of America (Life)
Texas State Rifle Association (Life)
National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association
National Rifle Association (Life)
South Texas Marksmanship Training Center

Favored Sources (other than FR):
American Thinker
The Drudge Report

New to San Antonio and South Texas?
Be sure to check out the South Texas Marksmanship Training Center. We have access to some great ranges and hold competitions to satisfy almost every interest within the shooting sports.
* Monthly high-power/service rifle matches (NRA & CMP sanctioned)
* Monthly smallbore matches
* Monthly pistol competitions (NRA sanctioned)
* Long-range rifle
* Junior shooting program
* Hunter sight-in and safety check days
* Specialty matches (Palma, Garand Match, 1903 match, etc.)