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Major Garrett new blockbuster----Salvation Army efforts at supplying the evacuees BLOCKED.

9.5 Theses on Worship

Biased against Bush:Surprise! The media donít like W

Blame America

Christian Baptism and its Subjects

Christian Designs Found In Tomb Stones Of Eastern Han Dynasty

Doonesbury and the Winter Soldier (Free Republic Network)

Examining Calvinism

Free Republic Dot Com ( An outsider review of an amazing site. )

God is not sophisticated enough

Honoring the King Myth

How Many Books Are In the Old Testament? How Can One Know For Sure?

I Urge You, Meet Brian Chontosh, an Unreported American Marine Hero

Islam's Violent Core

Japan, Jews & demography

Japanese Scientist Invents 'Invisibility Cloak'

Low-Tech Solutions To High-Tech Tyranny

Melancthon on Eternal Predestination and Reprobation

Mom Plays God: Brings Good from Evil (Excellent Video Link in the Article)

Myths of Martin Luther King

New York lawmakers float bill to restrict gun ammo sales

No evidence organic foods benefit health: study

Noam Chomsky: Fake Linguist

Online Rumor Mill Spins Its Own Myth('s leftwing bias undercuts its credibility)

Preacher Dies During Sermon About Heaven

PREVENIENT GRACE (God's Grace that Draws ALL People Does Not Discriminate AGAINST Anyone.)

Q and A- F-102, Vietnam & George W. Bush

Redemption--Farther Benefits (Watson's Institutes)

Richard Watson Defines the Synod of Dort

Richard Watson's Biblical and Theological Dictionary, "Necessitarians"

Sacrificing Science: Hardwired for Homosexuality?

Shall-issue gun law: Any objections now? (guns don't cause crime??)

The Eternity of God

The Lord Our Righteousness

The Modern Scourge of Sex Slavery

The Moral Agency of Man

The Moral Agency of Man--Objections

The New White-Wine Pietists

Time for Macrobiotic Sex?

US (Clinton) feared Iraq had given (chemical) arms to Sudan (arrangement w Al Qaeda)

Watson on the Duration of Eternity

Which kills more: ideology or religion?

Why Baptize by Pouring and Baptize Babies

Yes, Down My Pants. Oh, Like You Haven't?

[New York] Times Games: The newspaper of record withholds Iraq/Qaeda connection evidence.