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"Huge Discrepancies in the Rachel Corrie Story"

(Islam) The Downfall of the Netherlands- Land of the Naive Fools

(Walesa) In Solidarity: The Polish people, hungry for justice, preferred "cowboys" over Communists

**Caption Time** (Panhandling Dick)

-"No Blood for Oil"- Kojo & Kofi: Unbelievable U.N. stories.

1999 AP Flashback: Saddam has offered asylum to bin Laden

40 Reasons For Gun Control


A Historian's Take on IslamSteers U.S. in Terrorism Fight

A HISTORY OF BETRAYAL: The Zionist Establishment of Israel

A Minority Report from the West Bank and Gaza

A Tet moment for U.S. in Iraq

America s Dumbest Intellectual (Anarchist Noam Chomsky)

Ancient Rainforest Revealed in Coal Mine

Anger and Pride by Oriana Fallaci.. Her first essay about 9-11-2002 attack

Annotated Timeline of the 9/11 Hijackers for Researchers

Anti-Americanism has taken the world by storm

BBC Investigation: Palestinian Funds go to Militants

Britain finds Iraq's 'smoking gun': a top-secret missile

Bush 'Desertion' Charge Debunked

CA School District Forces 7th Graders to 'become Muslims' for Three Weeks -- Federal Lawsuit Filed

California: Flunking School Reform. Why are Charter andHome Schools in Democrats’ gunsights?

Camelot and the Cultural Revolution (American liberals took leave of reason after JFK's murder)


Carter Gets his Peace Prize and North Korea Develops Nukes

Carter in 1980 Election: Raise Taxes and Throw People Out of Work to Reduce Inflation (true dem)

CASE CLOSED (Osama-Saddam Link Proved in Intel Cmte Brief)

Clinton To Hamas: No Recognition Until No Violence

Coke is it [Free Republic]

Congress considers Plan to Lure People to Rural Areas

Conversation in Europe

Conversational Terrorism: How NOT to Talk!

Crisis on our National Forests: Reducing the Threat of Catastrophic Wildfire [San Bernardino Fires]

Crumpled map solves mystery of German gun behind D-Day massacre (Amateur historian finds at a fair)

Crying Child and Her Parents Removed From Flight

Democrats Question Bush's Credibility

Dems Criticize Bush, Omit Facts Sometimes

Dingell, NRA Working on Bill to Strengthen Background Checks

Don't be a monkey! (A must read! about the Zionist media!?!)

Dutch to prosecute man for allegedly supplying Saddam Hussein with lethal chemicals [Halabja]


Eat 'Supermeals' to Protect Heart: Experts (wine, chocolate, almonds...)

Empty-Barrel Gun Policies-- A legacy of nonsense from Clinton, Blair, and the Left

English Impatience: Iraqis Rush to Learn American

Enron: A Democrat Scandal, Time Says

Environmentalist Wacko Quotes (funny stuff)

Euphoria reigns as troops move into Baghdad

Ex-Nicaragua Leader Voices Saddam Support (Ortega)


Fifty years on, Norway's 'whore children' fight for justice and proper compensation

Fineman: Gun Control? Don't hold your breath.

Foreign Country Cultures, Law Enforcement Policies, and Criminal Justice Systems.

France Still Steamed about U.S. Victory

FReepers and other Street Protesters: Check out this great poster software...

French told to shrug off Gallic myth


Goodbye "Regular Joe" Democrat

Guardsman guilt of illegally transferring 'machine gun' after firearm malfunctions

Gun control advocate may have violated gun laws

Gunmen in disguise kill praying settlers

Guns Don't Kill People, Gun Control Kills People

Guns Don't Kill People, Gun Control Kills People

Help Please! Rush's radio feed via internet

How Reagan Became Reagan

How We Botched The German Occupation

I hate your politics

Imperial Rome lives in the U.S.

Info From Iraq From Someone Who Is Doing the Run and Gun

Iowahawk: An Archbishop of Canterbury Tale (Rowan Williams lampooned in Chaucerian verse. Hoot!)

Iraqis: We Were Told to Destroy Bacteria

Is Global Warming a Sin?

It's the winter solstice, Charlie Brown!Ann Coulter

Jailed Iraqi children run free as Marines roll into Baghdad suburbs

Jobless in the USA

Jonestown for Democrats: Liberals follow Gray into the big nowhere

Justice Department Reverses Gun Rights Position / have a constitutional right to own guns

Kerry is a realist seeking to dream (KERRY IS NOW MORPHING INTO A HE-MAN ALPHA MALE!!!)

Lies, Inc.: The Last Days of Our Brave Nerf World

Little guy gets hosed

Marches, Bomb Mar French Drive to Integrate Muslims ("Extremists" outnumber moderates!)

McCarthyism - The Right's Badge Of Honor

Meanwhile, Saddam's secrets rise from the desert

Missouri: Police Roadblock Harassment Caught on Tape.

Monk's Mound

Mossad - The World's Most Efficient Killing Machine

My favorite quotes

Mysteries of the Unexplained: SamAdams76's 9-11 prophecy.

NBC NEWS: UDAY & Qusay Hussein "Likely" Catpured Or Killed

Newark, N.J. gets high-tech help after shootings

No, Professor Ahmed, the Founders Were Not So Fond of Islam

Nutty gun laws kill

NYT Editorial: The threat posed by Iraq and its arsenal is too serious for diplomacy

OIl interests don't dictate US policy: Jimmy Carter

One conspiracy theory goes mainstream.

Opening Shots - The striking down of the D.C. gun ban may be the beginning of a larger battle.

Palestinians stunned by collapse of Saddam's regime

Peacemaking in Kosovo Coming to an End - for Predictable Reasons

Perspectives : ’Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ - A reason to carry firearms for self-defense

Plants revealed as methane source

Playing Offense: The inside story of how U.S. terrorist hunters are going after al Qaeda

Proliferation of Climate Scepticism in Europe

Quote of the Week - Algore on Iraq. (Shove this in the pro-appeasement protesters' faces!)


Raped in Oslo

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Reference For Excerpting Articles - Please Read And Bookmark.

Remembering an SLA Terrorist: A former radical remembers when violence became chic on the Left

Reuters Changes Reporter's Story to Match Liberal Spin(says, "I didn't write it")


Russian Conscription: some less well known facts

Saudi subversion in America.

Sinclair Letter Turns Out to Be Another Exposé

Six Amendments to the Constitution

STATEMENT OF SGT. BARRY F. RHODEN (The McCarthy Transcript Liberals Do Not Want You To Read)

Stories of Prior Knowledge of Sept. 11 More Than Urban Legend

Strange Dream

SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME IN AMERICA: Documented cases since 911

Supreme Court & the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Supreme Court decision cripples assault weapons ban

Taking Aim at D.C.’s Gun Law

The 1930s, Again: A hard rain is going to fall.

The Black Box and the Indestructible Passport

The French Spin a Different War Story

The Great Divider (The New York Times)

The hypocrisy of Noam Chomsky

The News We (CNN) Kept To Ourselves

The Origin of AIDS - (the best article I've read on this subject)

THE REAL IRAQ [Letter from Baghdad]

The scary side of Obama

The Second Amendment - Commentaries

The Sick Mind of Noam Chomsky (Part I & II)

The Story of Jessica Lynch

The Ten Year Anniversary Vanity Post

The Untouchable Chief of Baghdad(reservist rips Washington Post baghdad chief)

Theoretically Speaking (Teaching English Comp to college students)

Three dead, three wounded in sword attack at Irvine grocery store (No Gun No Story)

Tolerating Intolerance: The Challenge of Fundamentalist Islam in Western Europe


U.S. Data Gave Iraq Key to Making Nuclear Bomb

US shuts Paris embassy amid pension protests

Van Anraat Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Video of Palestinian terrorists hiding in UN ambulances! (GOTTA SEE THIS!)

WASH POST: It's unfortunate so many people took Joe Wilson seriously...(Drudge headline)

Weapons of Mass Destruction ( or Distorsion or Deception? You decide...)

What Europe wants-Should Europe supply the Arab world with nuclear weapons?

What I Really Said About Iraq (Bremer)

What Justin Raimondo Really Meant

What they were saying then....

When 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Go Bad

Why Arabs Lose Wars

Why do they hate America?

[Flashback] The prime-time smearing of Sami Al-Arian