Since Jul 20, 2004

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Raised in a cottonpatch in Dunklin County, Missouri; an area of the world that is still in the grips of The Great Depression. Parents were "FDR Was A Saint" Democrats. Often wondered what we'd have done if the Dems had given us a chicken, because we did not have a pot. Could not understand why anyone in my parents' condition would put such blind faith in a party that was all promises.

We picked cotton every year in order to be able to buy a couple of pairs of new jeans, a couple of shirts, a winter coat, and a pair of shoes. Ate like paupers -- maybe because we were --, and there was always too much month left at the end of our money. Yet, FDR was a saint, and the Democrats were for the working man.

Once I came of age, I bit my tongue around my family, and proudly have voted a straight Republican ticket ever since. My politics could best be described as far right-wing. I think Rush and Hannity are flaming liberals.

Happily married with seven (7) children -- 6 Republicans, one disenchanted tree-hugger, saying she's sitting this one out -- YEA!