The Plague of Liberalism
Since Mar 19, 2010

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I think that it at some point will be important to recognize the objective roots of liberalism as a psychological and spiritual disease. I’m not talking about everyone who sides with liberalism though, I’m mainly speaking about the activists, and not even all of them. I’m mainly saying that the basic tenets of liberalism are rooted in objective dysfunction of both how the human being was designed to operate and are anti our designers plan and good purpose with humanity. I’m hoping that the time to recognize this is soon ... which is why I wrote the book, The Plague Of Liberalism, to logically explain and scientifically prove all of this. I’m make these statements having been a hippie in some top music groups and lived the liberal lifestyle and among liberals. It just led to a lot of pain, both for me and everyone I knew. 28 years ago I found freedom as a Christian and haven’t looked back. So now I try to spread what I came to see worked and didn’t work, and why both of those were the case. My website is and my blog is