The Red Baron
Since Aug 5, 2004

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'A Christmas Story' fan buys house where film family lived

'Braveheart' Sword Leaves Scotland for 1st time in 700 years (William Wallace’s sword coming to NYC)

'Pirate' On Ballot For Student Body President At N.C. State

166 years later, Texas recalls the Goliad massacre - "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!"

70+ photos from Beslan (warning for graphics!)

A gutsy G.I. rescues sitting-duck platoon

A Jacobin in Chief

A Mexican Invasion - (If you aren't worried YET, this might change your mind...)

A recording of Civil War veteran tells historic tale


Adios, America

Angelina's Girlie Sex (Angelina Jolie Bisexual)

Anti-Syrian Protesters Flood Lebanese Capital (Up to 1 million protesters)

Applause in the Airport? Beyond the Beer Commercial ... It Happens ... It Really Happens

Beheading the Monsters: Righteous Terror

Bulgaria Says Thousands of US Troops Will Station in Balkan Nation

Bush decries border project

Bush Tells Press: “Israel Must Withdraw from Settlements”

Can you do a sermon using only Scripture?

Chimps Shot Dead After Attacking Visitors At California Sanctuary

Christians Divided on the RaptureHope or Hoax?

Churchill Had it Right

Clovis Man Faces Charges for Nudie Stickers

Compelling read: Letter From a Marine (Well worth the read)

Computer users risk blood clots

CoolWebSearch, Dubbed Adware's "Ebola," Tops Spyware Threat List

Country homeowners take up arms

Creating A Bird Sanctuary In Your Yard

Every Marine a Rifleman

Exorcist Puts On A Show (Bob Larson...

Extreme Cinema Verite

Fixing Firefox's memory leak

From an Iowa Town to Marine Corps Legend [Sgt Brad Kasal, shielded fellow Marine from grenade blast]

Germans relive Soviet mass rapes

Girl says bones belong to ghost

GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 3/14/05-Beirut,Isfahan,Arak

Gun battle erupts near border (TX)

Happy Texas Independence Day Y'all!

Hell's Kitchen - Pantano made it out of a tough neighborhood 9/11 reactivated his inner warrior

Here's to you, Mrs Robinson (Why are men attracted to older women?)

In Small Town, the Fight Continues for Texas Sovereignty

Injury May Have Led to Red Baron's Death

Iraqi Cat Who Helped U.S. Troops Finds American Home

Jeb Bush: L'd love to help, but I can't

Mad Max fans convoy ends with arrests

Middle East gets first superheroes (teaching children hate)

Museum salutes joy of G.I. Joes

Mystery surrounds those who jumped (From the Towers)

Night on the evil mountain (Germany)

One final victim of the Rape of Nanking?

PC Problem - Help Needed

Quotes from 11 Year-Old's Science Exams

Remember the Alamo

Samurai Sword Used In Long Island Murder

Six People Survive 400-Foot Plunge Off Mountain Pass: Colorado

Stone age porn

Survival, Wolverines' style

That church shooting

The Best Victor Davis Hanson Quotes Of 2004

The war on Wal-Mart

They are so Damn Young.

This is murder any way you look at it

This is really cool.

Top Misconceptions about Islam

Top Ten Chinese Military Modernization Developments

Truth Stranger Than 'Strangelove'

Weaker Jack Daniel's Gets Sober Reception

Were we wrong about Bill Clinton?


WHY WE ARE IN IRAQ : Military Bases Are A Requirement, Democracy is Merely an Elective.

Why You Need To Know The Scots-Irish

You know your a Marine Corps Tanker when....